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Hurray, I did this for class tomorrow ~Enjoy~

This is a bit of a story that fits in a larger backstory for a story I want to tell. For now it shall be known as The Reverse Creation Myth if you are super religious in any way shape or form I implore you not read it as some of it could come off as potentially blasphemous. However if you are not go for it.

Lucifer was the first evil, the first being born to go against those that called themselves the powers that be, harmony’s children; those who kept the nothingness of all realms pure and untouched by corruption. He was born ruthless and cruel but strikingly beautiful, in love with pain and determined to spread it. And like a disease the world around him was poisoned with this evil, and his poison was so deep and so intense that he had to create layers and layers of his world to contain it. And thus he named himself demon king. And for some time, the world was good. But Lucifer was lonely, so he created a woman and named her Satani in his name and in his image. She was to be his Queen and together they would rule, and together they did. But Lucifer was a man in want of many things, and now that he had a wife he could have children. So on the eve of the creation of his world he took Satani to bed and they had nine children the wicked of the wicked. The first was named Devil and he was a tricky child, in love with causing strife through play. And upon him Lucifer did grant the first layer of his realm. The next was bold and beautiful and so powerful was he at war that he was given many names, Mars, Ares, and Odin to name a few. To him Lucifer gave the second realm. Next was Sagi the seducer, beautiful and great. To him was given the third realm. Following Sagi Satani gave birth to Deamon a force to be reckoned with and in love with all forms of torturous delight. It was unto him the fourth realm was given. Next was Anubis who was not kind nor was he cruel. However Lucifer could not forsake any of his children and so he gave him the fifth realm. Soon after two twins were born, both female and both in love with destruction, who as much as they loved their father loved each other more. They were named Kali and Kara and while they were both wondrous in their form and powerful Lucifer loved Kali most and thus gave unto her the greatest gift of all: the eight realm the one closest to him, as she was his most loved and he wanted to be near her. To his castaway child, Kara he gave her the sixth realm. The final child he named Hades and gave upon the seventh realm. Finally he built a place of ice and bone for himself in the ninth realm and called it home. Once all realms were given and his children named he told them: go forth and create, go forth and make me proud.

And so they did. And from them sprung demon after demon, evil after evil. And for a time Lucifer was at peace. But even the most powerful of men had a wandering eye, and so he feel in love with one of the powers of harmony Saibre. And together they had a child who they named God, but God was not of Lucifer’s Hell in that she was kinder where he was cruel, and more willing to forgive where he was not. And so she was shunned. Thus God in all her glory rose up in arms and fled Lucifer’s realms to create one of her own, and she rallied against her father and in her anger, showed those who had not seen his deviance and his evils the darkness of his heart. And those many powers, although not all, saw and were appalled. These powers great in their anger joined God, and she called them angels, and then named her four generals from their powerful ranks: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. And together they ruled the cosmos.

And Lucifer saw this, and raged for nights and days without end. Finally in his rage he created a world where animals thrived and lived, and then he created two beings in his own likeness and called them humans. And he made them slow and dim and laughed as God looked down on this planet in horror. So God sent Gabriel to this world disguised as a snake and this snake spoke to the woman, and tempted her to eat the one thing that Lucifer had told the humans not eat, a bright red apple. And when the woman ate of the apple she gained knowledge of the evils in this world. And so she went and pleaded of her beloved to eat from the apple too, and so man did eat of the apple and thus the two of them realized their folly. And from this knowledge they gave the place they lived a name. And they called it Earth.
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