queen_insane (queen_insane) wrote,

How my night last night went from pleasant to sort of shit and how this morning isn't really helping

So I've got to do this in list form or I'll lose it all.

1) I'm going to the airport, to get back from Spring Break. This is not so bad.

2) I get to the airport, and find that I have cut myself but it doesn't really hurt and I don't know when it happened so this is also not so bad.

3) My flight is delayed this is not so bad but I'm a little ruffled.

4) I fly to Boston, once again not so bad. But when I get there I find that my favorite coat's buckle is broken, I'm a little irked.

5) I get on our version of the subway the T only to find out that I don't get to go directly back home I have to get off one stop after I've gotten on and get out onto another shuttle bus because our transpiration system is fucked or something.

6) I finally after that mishap get back to my dorm...

7) So now my back hurts, I've spent about a little over an hour lugging my computer around and I'm just sorta pissed off and upset and nervous.

8) I thankfully have a friend who lives just a little bit away so I head there because she's told me that I can come by when ever.

9) I get there and that should be a safe haven only her fucking cat (and I love cats so when I tell you this cat is a fucking menace I mean it) spends the whole night stalking me and growling at me and trying to attack me. I have a massive panic attack and end up hiding in the bathroom for about 30 minutes.

10) I finally get out when she puts the cat in her room and can't fall asleep. I finally do however at like 6 in the morning only to wake up about three times when other people do.


11) Things should be a bit better and I'm getting ready to go when I find my computer unplugged and open, so all the power is gone (the reason I keep my computer on at night is because I am usually still working on things and I don't want to oh I don't know LOSE THEM?). Turns out that her renter had gotten it into his head that this was and okay way to deal with my computer being on. And tells me so, when I tell him that he could have just closed the top and to keep the power from leaving after he unplugs it he goes on to tell me that
"I am not responsible" because they don't keep computers plugged in there. Meanwhile this "not responsible" person is cleaning up the bed that she slept on so that the room will look good WHEN THE OWNER comes back. He does not own this house he is only paying rent. If he comes in and finds my computer on it is not his job to unplug it. If my friend wanted it unplugged she would have unplugged it. IT IS NOT HIS HOUSE SO IT IS NOT HIS RESPONSIBILITY NOR IS IT HIS RIGHT TO UNPLUG MY SHIT AND TELL ME WHAT I DID WAS WRONG. IT'S NOT. My friend was obviously okay with it. Why can't he be?

However I am now finally back in my dorm room and I hope and pray that things will start to look up. Blugh.
Tags: devil cat, fml, fuck my life with a stick, fuck the world right up it's arse, i just want to be happy, my life is dead, srs bsn should not be so srs
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