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Final Christmas Fic


FOR: ahmnomnom who I hope has a wonderful amazing flawless holiday ♥

Fandom: Supernatural, Sam & Dean (no paring), Rating: Pg, Fluff, she didn't give me a prompt so I chose the words: "I love you" as my prompt of choice.

Dean paces back and forth, it’s been hours since Death left and his brother still has yet to waken. There have been times when he’s stirred and a few times when he actually had full on seizures but he has yet to wake up. He had ordered a pizza and refused to move from the basement to watch over his younger brother and by now he’s close to tears. What if what Death did didn’t work? What if Sam is poking the wall right now and when he wakes up he’ll be a gibbering mess, what if he never wakes up and Dean just fucked up the only chance he ever had of getting his brother back for good?

Bobby had come downstairs during the first few hours once or twice but he was older than Dean, even if his continuing need to hunt and put himself in harms way seemed to say otherwise, and so he had to go upstairs and sleep. It was too hard to persuaded Dean to move, he had been with the boys for too long not to get that, so he had just come down to the basement to offer moral support, moral support and beer.

The only person who hadn’t come to see Sam was Castiel but Dean figured he had enough going on with his life up in Heaven that he couldn’t spare the time. And as much as he wanted to ask Castiel to get his feathery ass down here and to figure out just what in the hell was wrong with his brother he knew that he had asked enough of the angel in the past few weeks, so he wouldn’t risk it.

In front of him the sheets started to move and he heard a groaning sound. Leaning forward he watched as his brother turned over so he was facing the ceiling, and then opened his eyes, blinking a few times. His breath stopped. Finally his brother turned to look at him and he found himself looking to the biggest puppy eyes known to man. Sam’s brow furrowed and then he pushed himself up and glanced around the room, “Sammy?” Dean couldn’t dare to hope.

Finally Sam croaked out a few broken words, “Love you.”

Dean smiled, “Yeah you dumbass. I love you too.”
Tags: dean, fic, fic update, holidaysftw, merry christmas, otp, rating: pg, sam, spn
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