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More Christmas Fic


FOR: suave_badass
Fandom: Supernatural, Sam and Castiel, Rating: Pg, Angst, prompt: tears

It’s after Castiel has found the time to heal that Sam sits down with him, “Gabriel is dead.”

Castiel knows this, he might be human now but he still could feel the loss. He had sat around for hours after, unsure of what to do, unsure of how to feel. He had barely know Gabriel but he had been the only angel other than himself that had chosen to fall. Sam touches his shoulder and then stands up awkwardly, bones groaning when he does. Castiel watches him go and wonders if he should cry for his fallen comrade, but isn’t sure how too. He determines that he should find the nearest bar. It doesn’t make it hurt any less but it does dim the pain. Even if for a little bit.

FOR: dressandtie
Fandom: Supernatural, Jess/Lilith, Rating: Pg, Fluff, Prompt: Pies

It takes her awhile but she’s sure it looks good by the time she’s done making it. She’s tasted it and everything. Half way through she wished that she could just find a hapless family and terrorize them into making it for her but Lucifer had said that it wouldn’t mean as much if she didn’t make it herself. So she had put her goddamn apron on and had gone to work, a much as it killed her. Now flour coated the floor like snow and her hair was caked in batter but it was done. She heard a sound from door to the kitchen, “Lil?”

She looked up face flushed, “Jess! Come in.”

Jess entered and looked at the mess that the kitchen had become, navigating around the broken table (Lilith had done that when the first pie hadn’t come out right) and over to her lover at the kitchen counter, “I made you a pie.”

“I can see that. Why?”

“Because I still like sweets. And if you were still alive you’d know that it was Thanksgiving, and I wanted to do something for you.”

Jess smiled, “It’s perfect.”

FOR: emerald_embers
Fandom: Supernatural, Sam and Castiel, Rating: Pg, Fluff, prompt: Chest colds and vapour rub

Castiel sneezed and rubbed his nose. He looked down at the angel standing in front of him trying to tell him something about how Heaven would work better if they got rid of those who still worked for Michael and sneezed again. He wasn’t sure when the sneezing had started all he knew is that it was playing havoc on his powers. One second he would be in Heaven and the next he would – he sneezed again.

“This is not the way I wanted this to go.”

Sam turned around to find Castiel standing in the room looking for all the world like someone kicked his puppy. And then he sneezed again, “Cas I think you have a cold.”

“A what?”

“It’s a human thing. Wait here a sec.”

Sam disappeared and then came back with a bottle of purple stuff and handed it to the angel who gulped the whole bottle down in less than ten seconds while Sam looked on, grimace on his face. When Castiel was done he looked up at Sam, “That tasted like what you humans called candy. May I have another?”

“No!” Sam still couldn’t get how Castiel could find that stuff good tasting, “More of it will just make you sick again.”

Castiel shrugged, but at least, from what he could tell, the sneezing had some how stopped.

FOR: probing_grays
Fandom: Supernatural, Dean/Sam, Rating: Pg, Fluff, prompt: Christmas Fic

Sam looked out at the snow that was falling on the ground and smiled. Last Christmas had been one hunt after another with Samuel breathing down his neck, he hadn’t even had time to properly enjoy the snow or the holiday. Of course he hadn’t really cared then either. This was the first Christmas since they had faced the two demi-gods that he was finally able to enjoy. He took a sip of the spiked eggnog in his hands and pressed his forehead to the glass to be able to see outside.

A yell came from the back of the room, “Sammy this bed isn’t going to warm itself, get your ass back here.”

And then there was the other reason that Christmas was awesome, he and his brother had finally reconciled. He had been unsure about them but when Dean had brought some mistletoe and chased him around the room like a jackass demanding that he bend over and kiss him like the little bitch Sam knew he was, well that’s when Sam knew that everything was going to be okay.


“I’ll be there in a second Dean, stop complaining.”

He threw his cup of empty eggnog away and stalked towards the bedroom, who knew, maybe he could learn to love his holiday after all.

FOR: atalanta_mine
Fandom: Bones, Booth/Bones (Hodgins, Angela, Zack), Raiting: Pg, Fluff, prompt: Well, we got stuck behind two hand-holders, goddammit"

The squints stopped working to look at their two co-works who had just come in from the cold. Both were flushed and breathing hard. Hodgins laughed and then shared a glance with Angela, both of them smirking widely, “You look a little flushed there.” Angela pointed out to Booth’s flustered face.

"Well, we got stuck behind two hand-holders, goddammit."

Hodgins only shook his head, “I’m sure you did.”

Brennan looked at her workers, “We did, they slowed us down exponentially, to the point that we were going to be late to work. When they finally turned the corner away from us we had to run, or else we were going to be late. Running in the cold always produces the same effect, being out of breath and flushed skin, so Booth is telling the truth.”

Angela looked at Brennan, with a look that said she clearly wasn’t buying it, “And you couldn’t have just walked around them? I doubt it.” She started to sing, “Booth and Brennan sitting in a tree, K-I-SS-I-N-G.” she walked away with Hodgins humming the tune.

Zack looked up from where he was working, “Well I believe you.” And then he followed Hodgins yelling something about tests and how he had finally found one to finally make him King of the Lab.

Booth looked over at his partner, “You think they bought it?”

“I highly doubt it.”
Tags: bones, booth/bones, castiel, dean/sam, fic, gabriel, holidaysftw, jess/lilith, otp, rating: pg, sam, spn, supernatural
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