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I made this for the Treehouse x-mas exchange

Title: A Boy a Girl and a 67’
Fandoms: Leverage/Supernatural
Character/Parings: Parker/Dean, blink and you’ll miss it Hardsion/Elliot, Sam, Cas, the and Leverage team.
Spoilers?: AU season 6, Sam came back but with his Soul and he and Dean now go on separate hunts from time to time. At least through season 2 in Leverage.
Summary: Parker is kidnapped and then stranded on a case, and in trying to get home she runs into Dean. These are their hijinks on the way back to Boston, MA.
Word Count: 5,222
A/N: For jaffatech who is awesome and I love Modding with forever! &hearts

She’s stranded. This is the only thing that runs through her brain as she looks around at the desolate road. They had been on a case when she had been, good forbid, kidnapped of all things. They had taken her here, to the middle of nowhere and told her that they would let her go once Nate did whatever they wanted him to do for them. He had, but instead of returning her back to him they had dropped her off in the middle of nowhere without a phone or anyway of contacting the team. The good news, or as close to good news as – you’re trapped in the middle of the nowhere could get, was that they had dropped her off in front of a bar. There was one lone car parked in front of the building and she cataloged that for latter, she might need it. The bar was run down, paint peeling off the sign that read: MIKE’S TAVERN and the siding on the building looked like it was in need of repair. But it was bar, which meant that there was a chance that there would be a phone. And a pay phone was better than no phone.

Walking into the bar she heard “Sweet Home Alabama” playing on the jukebox in the corner. It was nice enough she decided, and rather atmospheric. She looked over to the bar and saw that there was only one person sitting there. He was wearing dark jeans and a tight green t-shirt, a leather jacket rested on the stool next to him. He took a sip of his beer and Parker grinned, there was a sucker born every minute. Walking over to the bar she sat two stools away from him, making sure that the jacket rested between them, “Chips and a coke please?”

He didn’t say anything to her as the bartender got her order ready for her and placed it on the counter. Parker took a deep breath before remembering what Sophie had told her, breath just be you, don’t over act. You can do it Parker, you just have to have a li- a little faith in yourself. She took a sip of her coke and then placed it next to the lip of the bar and stood up knocking it into the glass and sending it spilling all over the jacket on the stool. The man turned to look at her a something dark coming over his features, “That was my fathers.”

She bit her lip, “Sorry.”

She wasn’t really.

She ran off to get napkins, “Here let me…”

She started dabbing at the jacket, watching him her while her teeth bit the inside of her cheek, ‘look away, look away, look away, why aren’t you looking away?’ Finally he sighed and stood up, “I’d better get some napkin’s too.”

As soon as his back was turned and he was a few feet away from the bar, she slipped her hands into the pocket of his jacket and came in contact with a large wad of quarters. Grinning she had just circled her tiny fist around them when she felt his hand on her arm, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Pulling her hand out of the jacket, she had to resist growling. She had been so close too! “Nothing! I’m doing Nothing.”

‘Deny, deny, deny.’

“You were trying to steal from me. Why?”


“You could tell?”

“You’d been eyeing my jacket the moment you sat down. You were pretty easy to read. Now why were you stealing from me?”

She wasn’t sure if he’d believe the story of the corrupt stockbroker in California who was trying to blackmail a poor acting agency out of all their money. Although it had been fun to see Sophie try to play a grieving widow, and Elliot’s face when he had had to play her dead ghost husband had been pretty funny, especially when they had to have that really, really, reallllly awkward make out session. Although Hardison hadn’t looked too happy about that for some reason which confused her because why would he be jealous about that at all? She tilted her head only to realize that he was staring at her, “You have a lot of freckles.” She told him.

The man sighed and drew his hand over his face, “You. Stealing. From me. You seem like a nice enough girl. Why do you need to steal from me?”

It took her a few seconds to realize that he was talking to her and when she did she blew her hair out of her face, and furrowed her brow, “I’m stranded.”


He acted like he didn’t believe her and she stat down on the stool and had to resist grabbing her chip bag and squeezing the life out of it. Instead she settled for twilling around in the seat her hair flying around her. It wasn’t going to get her aggression out but it was something to do. And she wanted to save those chips, “Stranded. It’s a long story and I doubt you want to hear it, it’s not very interesting anyway. I’m not very interesting, nope, 100% normal, the most normal person you will ever –”

He stopped her mid rant, “Do you have a name?”

The debate over whether to give him her real named played out in her head. She was a criminal, her name had been in the news at least once or twice since she had started working with Nate, if he figured out what she was she wasn’t sure he would care enough to help. But he didn’t look like the sort of person who watched the nightly news regularly, and he didn’t look too dangerous. And if things went really south she could steal his credit card and have Nate do something to make him regret it. It was so good that Nate was a thief now, it meant he wasn’t afraid to do dirty underhanded things to protect them. She liked that. Mind made up she looked up at him, “Parker. You?”

“Dean Winchester.”

She liked the sound of his name. It had a good sound to it. Nice and down to earth. And she liked W’s. They were something you could climb, something that you could grab onto. She tripped went to shake his hand and stumbled over the stool in front of her knocking into him. He reached out and grabbed her before she could hit the floor. Grabbing onto his hips she helped him pull her up and sighed a giant sigh of relief, “That was close.”

“You’re clumsy aren’t you?”

Grinning up at him she nodded, “Guess I am.” She turned to the bartender, “Bathroom?”

Behind the bar the bartender points to the back of the room and she walks over to the door that is there trying not to look over her shoulder. Once in the bathroom she finds a window and unlocks it, shimming her body outside and landing feet first on the ground. She had quite liked that Dean Winchester fellow; fishing into her pocket she pulls out the shinny piece of metal she had palmed when she had fallen on him. It just sucked that she was going to have to steal his car.

Rounding the curve of the back of the tavern she feels like she should be shocked to see him leaning against the hood of his car, but she’s not. It’s not that he looks pissed, amused is more like it, but she can’t help but be upset. That’s twice he’s been able to tell that she’s stolen something from him. She pouts and he laughs, “I knew some one like you, she wasn’t as small as you, and she was a grade A bitch.”


“I’m not stupid.”

“I didn’t think you were.”

Truth be told she had. She hadn’t though that he would thwart her at every corner and yet here she was. Being thwarted. Nate would be disappointed. She was disappointed. She would have to rob a high-end bank (she’d put it all back) when she got back to Boston. She wouldn’t feel right until she knew that she could do it. He put his hand out and she dropped the keys back into his hands, “If you’re this desperate to get home I’ll drive you. But don’t think I do this for anybody. My brother has been gone for a few days so I can spare the room.”

Her eyes lit up, “You’ll take me home?”

“Yeah. Where is home exactly?”


His back stiffens but it doesn’t last long. She doubts he knew that she was going that far, and wonders if he’ll take it back. If he does she’ll have to wait here for the next poor sap but it’s getting late so she doesn’t know how long that’s going to take and she doesn’t want to have to wait. She hates waiting, it’s boring and dull and she’ll go crazy, “Fine. My brother is in New Jersey so it’ll be worth the trip.”

That takes her by surprise he didn’t look like the brother type. Or the anybody type. He looked like he lived by himself. She thinks that Sophie would call this “learning new things” and grins. According to the team that’s a good thing, and progress is progress. He opens the door to the car like a gentleman, and she bends her head down in to get inside. It’s not a tight fit, she knows she’s a tiny person it’s one of the reasons she thinks she makes such a good thief. He follows her and turns on the car, “Rambling Man” blares from the speakers, “Just one rule, I pick the music and you don’t complain, I get enough of that from Sam.”

She figures from the way that he says his name, warm while still being pissed, Sam is his brother and she nods, “Okay.”


They stop some place in Nevada, while Dean get’s the keys to the rooms (he pays with a credit card that says Alan Paige, which is odd) she looks over the pamphlets and picks a few out to read while she tries to go to sleep. He hands her one of the room keys: it has the number 80 engraved on it and she ducks outside to amble over to her room.

She’s excited to find a phone on the bed table. This place is gross and run down, and not her sort of motel but it will have to do. She picks up the phone and dials the number that Nate had told her to use if anything really dire or bad happened. She had laughed at him when he had given it to her at first, after all what would she need with a dumb number? Now she’s glad she has it. The phone rings three times and then is picked up, “Geek palace, what can I do you for?”


There is a pause and then, “Parker? Thank god, Nate’s going out of his mind worrying about you.”

“I’m okay.”

There is some shuffling and a muted “Shut up.” And then “Give me the phone Hardison.” And “No you get your own phone.” Followed by, “That is my phone, it’s the team phone, don’t act like a dumbass.” A growl, “I’m not a dumbass, why do you always have to be like that?” There are more muffled words that she can’t make out and she lays down on the bed and starts to count the cracks on the ceiling while they argue it out. She get’s to number 20 before there is the noise of the phone on the other side being picked up again, “Parker?”

“Nate!” she pauses, “Are Elliot and Hardison okay?”

“They’re fine. What took you so long to check in?”

“Well I ran into this guy, and I tried to pick his pockets for cash and he saw me, and then I tried to steal his car keys and he caught me. And I sort of don’t have any money or any cards because I don’t carry them when I’m trying to jump off a roof, because they are lumpy so I haven’t been able to get to a phone and –“

He stops her before she goes too far, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. The guy who I stole things from is giving me a ride back. He’s nice!”

There is another tussle and a gruff voice comes over the speaker, “We’ve put you on speaker, Parker what have I told you about trusting random strangers?”

“Don’t do it?”

“Yes damn it. I don’t want to see you getting hurt.”

She huffs and blows air into her phone. She wishes Elliot would let her make her own judgment calls every once in awhile. She can judge character pretty well too, “He’s okay. I promise.”

A voice calls from the back of the room, “Just be safe Parker, none of us want to see you get hurt. You’ll drive the boys crazy.”

Parker laughs and then smiles, “I will!”

The phone clicks and she picks up on the brochures, something about the largest ball of yarn and she starts to flip through it. It’s very informative and she finds herself wondering just how tall it, and just how complex it would be. And if anyone has ever stood at the top of it and just looked out at the world.


The next day in the car she shakes the pamphlet at him, “I want to go here.”

Dean looks at the document that she’s shaking at him and shakes his head, it’s about a mile out of their way and he can’t take the time to go there because she wants too, just look at it. Especially when Sam had called him last night and told him that the hunt in New Jersey was going well but could he stop in Chicago because there was a ghost haunting there that needed to be dealt with. Sam had already done the research so all he had to do was stop at the grave and burn the body and that should be that, but the ghost had already killed two women and at the rate that they were going it would take two days to get there. Which meant that ghost would be able to strike again before he got there. Those were unacceptable losses.

The document was shoved back into his face, “I want to go here.”

“We can’t.”

Parker pouted and she looked so utterly despondent that he sighs. He’s a fast driver; he can make up time on the road. Behind him Parker looks up at him from between her bangs and wonders if he’s buying it. She pouts extra hand and tries to conjure up some tears and when she can’t her face scrunches up even more and now she’s just pissed. Tears have always been Sophie’s thing but she’s been practicing darn it, she should be able to figure them out. Dean grunts and then gives in, if he doesn’t get caught by the cops on the way there he’ll be fine, “Okay but you’ve gotta make it quick.”

The car is silent until they get there and Parker pops out of the car and walks towards the large ball of yarn impressed, it’s huge, although nothing that she can’t climb free hand, and just waiting for her to conquer it. Dean walks with her his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket, trying to look like he really really really doesn’t want to be there. But Parker’s unfettered joy as she bounded out of the car had some how warmed him to the idea of this.

Parker circles it before trying to grab the string from an angle that makes sense to her. Pulling herself up she slowly uses the string to push herself to the top of the ball. She looks down at Dean grinning, “This better than I thought it would be!”

Wind sweeps through his jacket and he shivers, it’s summer but it’s also getting late, the sun has started to set, “That’s- that’s great can we go now?”

Rocking back on her feet Parker shakes her head and then beckons him up, “Not until you get up here and get a look at the sunset.”

He bites down on something that he wants to say and, much slower than Parker, pulls himself up the giant ball of yarn, “Now can we go?”

She shakes her head and then sits down on the ball, pulling him with her. He sits and just watches the sunset. It’s different than what he usually does with Sam, sitting on the hood of the Impala and watching the stars for hours but he’s struck by how the sky changes colors and make’s Parker’s hair almost glow orange, like that one pumpkin vodka drink he had a few weeks ago in Vegas. And she’s smiling, lost in herself, so he’s surprised when she starts talking, “This is why I love to climb things. I like seeing the world on fire.”

“Because it’s pretty?”

“Because I like explosions.”

Which is when he’s sure that it’s time to go. He climbs down and feels her hit the ground next to him, which is all he needs to tell him that she jumped down. She grins at him and practically skips to the car.


They drive all the way to Colorado without incident, and Dean only get’s sidetracked once when they are forced to share a hotel room and he realizes that, yes in fact Parker is a woman. He stares for what is far to long and it’s only when he realizes that yes Parker is staring back, and that’s she’s not really glaring but merely tying to figure out why he’s looking at her like that, that he looks away.

While they drive Parker tells him stories about different places that she’s visited- don’t go to Venice in the winter it rains (she doesn’t tell him that it almost messed up a heist) or that the best time to visit Spain is during football season because there are less crowds (but not about how it made it so no one to paid attention to that rare diamond she stole). He tells her about road trips in the US that he’s taken with his brother Sam, how he hates Kansas because it’s so goddamn flat and hot (he doesn’t mention how many bad things have happened to him there), or how he loves Jericho California because there is this great Burger joint there (leaves out the part about how that’s where he finally got his brother back – both in the beginning and after his brother fell full tilt into Lucifer’s pit) and when they get pulled over by a cop car they find that they both have issues with authority. So Dean doesn’t feel bad when it turns out Parker swiped the cops’ wallet a few hours later.

It takes them the promised two days but eventually they pull into Chicago, in one piece.


They are about to pull into a run down motel when Parker shakes her head, “Not this time.” She’s holding another pamphlet, “Here. Take us here.”

He looks and the directions hesitantly but ends up following them into the heart of Chicago. The hotel he pulls up at is huge, and when he get’s out of the car a man steps up to drive it to the garage for him. It takes him a few seconds to realize just what the man is about to do before he stops him one foot in the door and tells him in no uncertain terms that, no, that’s my car I’ll drive it and park it thank you. While he does Parker waits and asks the man next to her for directions to the Field Museum. He’s drawing her a map when Dean appears next to her, “Really?”

“They can be quite informational.”

He snorts and Parker pulls him into the hotel. Now this is more like it! She watches while Dean gapes and goes up to the front desk to demand two of their nicer rooms. Sometimes it’s nice to throw people off their game, and she’s pretty sure that if Dean saw her paying he would veto even staying here. She’s slipping one of the card keys into his hand when he finally looks down and seems to notice that she’s even there. She smiles until she realizes that she’s pretty sure that he’s looking at her like he looked at her after she came out of the shower in the motel where they had shared a room. That puzzles her because she was finally able to deduce after yesterday that it had to do with the fact that she wasn’t wearing clothes, but she’s defiantly wearing clothes now. She decides that she will have to call Sophie about this.

Upstairs they go their separate ways and she’s on the phone instantly. This time it rings twice before it’s picked up, “Parker? This better be you.”

“Eliot! Can you put Sophie on the phone?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

She can hear the floor creak and then a sleepy voice answers her over the phone, “Parker? It’s twelve here, what are you doing?”

“So I think Dean was giving me bathroom eyes.”

“Bathroom eyes?” Sophie sounds as flummoxed as Parker feels.

“You know, like the kind some one gives you when you get out of the shower. Only I wasn’t in the shower, we were in a hotel lobby.”

She can hear Sophie laughing on the other end of the phone and she pouts even if she knows rationally that it won’t make Sophie stop laughing, “It means he thinks you’re attractive you silly girl go have fun! You’re on a road trip you’re allowed to let lose a little bit.”

“So do you think that means that Nate would be okay if I stole something from one of the museums?”

There is silence and then a male voice cuts though her thoughts, which have turned to what gem she will steal if given permission, “Only if you put it back.”

Parker squeels and hangs up, it’s only a few minutes afterward that she remembers that she’s supposed to say goodbye, because that’s good manners. She’s grabbing the map that the man made her when there is a knock on her door, she opens it to find Dean standing there, “I’m going out tonight, you think you’ll be okay?”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Just checking.”

He stands there awkwardly and then sort of pats her on the back before he slips back into his room. By the time he’s grabbed his bag to go burn the body Parker has already flown down the steps to get the materials she will need to rob the museum.

When she get’s back she knocks on Dean’s door, hearing the sound of two voices talking in hushed tones, the door opens and she stares up at a man wearing a dark off white trench coat. The way he stared at her unnerves her and she had to take a step back. Finally she heard Dean’s gruff voice, “Cas leave her alone. She’s not going to hurt you.”

“How can you be sure? She could be –”

“I’m sure Cas.”

He stood back and let her enter and she walked over and flopped down on the couch, “Is he going to stay? Come with us in the car I mean.”

“No. I was here to discuss things of importance with Dean but now that you are back I should go.”

Parker shrugged. As long as he wasn’t some sort of mobster she didn’t have to worry. And since she had just been out stealing and then putting back a large yellow diamond she didn’t have much grounds to be asking questions. She waved as Castiel left and then looked at Dean who was looking at her with those eyes again. Only this time she knew what they meant, “One of my friends said that bathroom eyes means you think I’m pretty.”

Silence fills the room and Parker wonders if she’s said something wrong, but then he’s kissing her and oh, that’s a new feeling. She’s been kissed by Eliot but those were more the sort of kisses that brothers give their sisters. This kiss, this kiss is something new and it feels sort of like she’s falling off a one-hundred-story-building, about to hit ground until her clip catches her rope. It feels safe. He’s gentle with her, not pushing but leading, and that’s okay because this is a little scary. When he pulls away he looks into her eyes and smiles, wrinkles appearing next to his eyes and oh, his eyes looked a little like the garnet gems she had seen tonight. And she could never say no to a rare jewel. Ever. So maybe he was really good looking too. Which was when she kissed him again.


She wakes up and rolls over onto a completely dead to the world Dean and laughs before rolling out of bed to pull on her pants. Stalking into the bathroom she pulls out the spare toothbrush that places like this always have and started brushing her teeth. She can hear Dean moving around in the background and comes out of the bathroom grinning, “So I was thinking we could hit the road –”

She’s interrupted when Dean throws a pillow over his face, “A shirt! Put a shirt on! And maybe a bra.”

“But you’ve already seen –”

“Different situation.”

She shuffles forward and puts on one of the two black shirts that’s littering the floor and huffs, “You can open your eyes now.” When he opens them he feels like he should be surprised that she’s wearing his shirt but he’s not, “As I said I was thinking we should eat and then hit the road?”

“Can we skip eating and grab a burger later on? My brother called last night and he needs me to pick him up pretty quickly.”

They talk about it a little more but Dean has made it pretty clear that he needs to pick up his brother soon as he can, so she ends up sighing and giving in. She had really wanted those pancakes. After she has taken of his shirt and given it back, and put on her own they are ready to go.

Instead of waiting for the chauffer to bring them their car after she has made sure her payment yesterday went through, they go down to the garage directly. While Dean unlocks the trunk and puts his stuff in it (but not hers: another rule she learned was to never touch his trunk), he climbs into the drivers seat and they blaze out of Chicago.


They make good time to New Jersey. Dean guns it at almost 90 miles an hour the whole way there, taking back roads and unusual routes to duck cop cars. After about an hour of playing the ABC game (her idea) she falls asleep. She’s woken when Dean shakes her, “I’m going in quickly to order a burger, do you want anything?”

“Some fries? Oh and a cookie shake!”

He comes back about ten minutes later holding two bags and her shake. He passes her one of the bags and she opens it. She’s excited when she looks inside, “Pancakes?”

“It’s a diner. They sell breakfast all day apparently, you lucked out.”

She grins and pulls open the bag and tries to eat them without making a mess of the car, worried what will happen if she drips just a little bit of syrup on mats that look too clean to belong to a car that is this old. But she can tell that Dean loves his car perhaps more than he loves a lot of things so she’s not going to ruin it with a little bit of sticky syrup. She ends up licking a lot of it off her fingers while Dean sort of grunts frustrated, which only causes her to laugh because now she knows what she’s doing to him.

They reach New Jersey in what has to be record time: less than 10 hours and they stop in front of a motel that calls itself the bay motel. There is a man waiting outside and while his frame is different than Dean’s she’s sure that this is his brother. She deftly slips into the back seat and he climbs into the front. He looks back at her and she waves. It’s only been her and Dean and this added new thing is strange and she’s not sure she likes it, “Parker.”


And then he smiles and she’s sure that everything is going to be fine. The two of them get to talking and she drifts off midsentence. When she wakes Sam’s at the wheel and they are crossing over into Boston. He looks back at her, “Whatever you did, you wore him out. He fell asleep as soon as soon as I was in the drivers seat.”

Parker shrugs and then directs him to the financial district. They stop in front of her bar and she shakes Dean awake, “I’m leaving.”

He blinks a few times before rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stepping outside. He gives her a hug and then writes down his number on a napkin that’s from the floor of the car from his burger earlier in the day, “If you need anything, at all, don’t hesitate to call.”

Glancing down at the napkin she tucks it in the back of her jean pocket, she doesn’t think she will ever use it but she’s learned you never really know, and it helps to have contacts like him. She goes to the steps that lead down into the bar and waves at him while she descends, the bar is empty other than the bar tender who is cleaning things up from a night of people coming to party, she nods at him. She creeps upstairs and grins when she finds the team gathered around the board of TV’s. Nate looks up at her, “Ah Parker, just in time. Let’s go steal us Zoo.”

Outside Dean looks at Sam, “Are you sure it’s Asmodeus?”

“Yes Dean, I’m sure.”

“Is he going to rock me?”

“That’s Amadeus, Dean different spellings, different pronunciations.”

The two of them argue and Dean pats his baby lovingly, it’s good to know she still has some surprises left in her.

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