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Shattered Future 5/??

I'm back! Sorry it took me forever to get this part up.

Title: Shattered Future 5/??, Part One of the What If Verse
Rating: R, but it's only for blood and themes
Fandom: FFX/FFX2
Summary: AU, In a twist of fate Tidus chooses to become Sin... only Yuna doesn't die. What starts out as a quest to save his soul from Sin turns into a quest to save Yuna's soul as well.
Parings: Yuna/Tidus, Rikku/Auron, Nooj/Lulu, sort of implied but not really Paine/Baralai
Warnings: Major Character Death and Minor Character Death, Wakka while not fully a bad guy is not the nicest person in the world in this fiction
A/N: So I wrote this years ago, but I've always wanted to revamp it. So I'm posting it here totally revamped and with 100% more original content. This fic while keeping true to the the original character stories of FFX tends to travel into unknown lands more often then not, and takes liberties with character(s) back story in a few major and minor places.
Disclaimer: Not mine nor will it ever be.

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four |

Yuna shivered wrapping her arms around her slight frame to try to warm herself. She didn't remember Macalania being so cold. She shivered again and hugged herself tighter, she looked over at Rikku a little jealous as Rikku happened to look overly comfy in her White Mage outfit. Her eyes narrowed, she would give anything to be wearing what Rikku was but she had chosen to wear something a little more appealing to the mages of Macalania and so she was wearing her Summoner outfit, which didn’t cover much. Not only that but her head hurt, trying to keep the greatest evil from invading her mind and figuring out a way to beat it was hard work and she had a constant headache now. It was like little pin picks in the back of her mind. Tidus seemed to be helping best he could and every once in a while the pain would fade, but in the end Tidus couldn't really do much since he was himself slowly being taken over by that same evil. She blew on her hands, after a while Rikku noticed her discomfort and gave her the dress sphear that she was wearing going back to her thief garb and refusing to take it back when Yuna insisted that she didn’t need it. Yuna thanked her and quickly changed into it, of course now Rikku was cold. And as she gripped her body as Yuna had once done, trying to warm herself up Yuna felt guilty even though there was nothing to be done about it. Auron noticed Rikku's plight and being rather immune to the cold lent her his coat draping it over her shoulders, Rikku smiled up at him wondering if this was how they were now, "Thanks."

Tidus was laughing in Yuna's head at the scene in front of them, Yuna sighed, "What is so funny?"

"He likes her, I couldn't see it before but he likes her."

Yuna, realizing that this was a private conversation stopped speaking aloud and went into that space in her mind where only she and Tidus could hear what was being said, "What? No! That's gross! He's too old for her!"

"That's an understatement if there ever was one."

Yuna's face screw up as she tried to think of her baby cousin and her father figure like that, it didn’t do her mind any favors and she ended up scrunching her nose up even further. Everyone looked at her, she waved them off, “What do you mean?"

Tidus remained silent and Yuna sighed and held her head again as a small headache over took her. It was about this time that she looked up and saw the temple, they had arrived. Everyone remained quiet as Yuna entered the temple, the priest was the first to see her and stop her from coming inside, "The traitor is not allowed to enter the sacred establishment."

"I wish to speak to the priest in charge of this temple, we won’t cause a scene we have already done enough damage."

The man in front of them seemed to consider what Yuna was saying and finally nodded, what was the worst she could do at this point, and let her in. When they reached the main entrance of the temple they had to wait for a few moments before the priest in charge came out from the main cloister. His face was marred in lines his jaw set, nothing about him was friendly. Yuna bowed to him, "Can we speak in private?"

"No. If you have anything to say traitor, you can say it in front of the Gods."

A scowl of anger appeared on Yuna's face and she quickly drew it back before anyone could see it. She tucked a strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear and looked him in the eyes defiantly, "I wish to become your high summoner, since you don't have one. I know that I am a traitor, but I wish to do good. I know it is a foolish venture but I have done the world a great favor by bringing them the calm."

Yuna could see the priest laughing at her with his eyes, mocking her for coming to see him. For even attempting what she was trying to do. Of course he was silent, but she could just see the wheels in his head moving. Inside Yuna was a whirlwind of emotion. She was getting sick of this; sick of people telling her she was wrong that she wasn't worth anything. Tried of people dying for a cause that was unjust. And when the priest answered she felt like strangling him, "You?" he almost sneered, "You want to help us? After all you did? After killing our high summoner you want to take his place? Are you mad? You preach goodness but there is not a good bone in your body.”

“I did what I thought was right. What Lord Seymour was doing was wrong.”

He clicked his tongue, spit flew from his mouth as if he was a rabid dingo, “So you take him from us? You act as if you are Yevon himself, come to judge us.”

Yuna shook her head, “No that’s not…”

He hissed at her, “Get out.”

Yuna felt the tick at the back of her mind grow and she wanted to shout at him, yell at him. She had done what was right. But as always she remained calm. She nodded and motioned for the rest of the group with her that it was time to go. Once outside she noticed something and she found herself actually contemplating it. The pathway to the fayth was right below her. She gauged the distance to see if she could make it. And came to a conclusion. She could. Changing quickly into the thief dress sphear she took a rope out of one of the pouches and tossed it to Rikku who grabbed it uncertain of what her cousin was going to do. She opened her mouth to ask what her cousin was going to do but it was to late. Yuna changed into her gunner outfit and then jumped over the edge, all within seconds. Rikku watched in fear and then in confusion trying to grab the rope as to not go over the edge herself. Lulu saw what was going on ran to help smaller girl, taking hold of the rope.

Yuna landed perfectly and looked up and waved at Rikku and Lulu so that they would know that she was okay. The women up top gave recognition that she was okay, and Yuan then ran to the chamber of the fayth.

Inside the chamber the fayth of Shiva appeared and looked at Yuna, when it finally realized what it was looking at it became frightened, "How dare you bring that into this chamber!”

Yuna looked at the fayth confused, "Bring what into the chamber?"

The fayth narrowed its eyes, "Don't play coy with me. I know you brought him with you!"

At that Tidus's voice resonated through out the chamber, "I don't mean you any harm. And Yuna's intentions are good. Do not belittle her because of me."

It was about this time that Yuna looked startled. She didn't know the fayth would know that she was carrying Sin. That Sin was part of her soul. She knew she shouldn’t be surprised however, the fayth was almost like a god. It could see into the depths of her soul. And it saw the darkness in it. The darkness that was waiting to consume her. She wondered if it also saw that Tidus was fighting to keep himself at bay, if it saw the she too was fighting to keep him from truly destroying her. And she believed it could, "Sin? Protecting a summoner, I have never seen anything like it in my life. I do believe that this is something new to me."The fayth smiled at her.

Yuna bowed again, “It happened when I killed Sin. Listen I have come to you to inquire upon a second partnership."

"Ah, so the final summoning does drain the summoner of their abilities to summon. I never knew it that was true or not. Also I have never seen a summoner survive the final summon it is a rare sight indeed. So be it. My power is yours again."

A bright light filled the chamber and when it cleared the fayth was gone and Yuna was standing there breathless.

Far above her everyone else wasn't faring as well. As soon as Yuna had jumped they had been attacked by temple guards who were questioning them as to why they were still there. They had charged the group of adventures and they had been instantly put into combat. Lulu dodged the one that was attacking her and found that another guard was behind her. She turned around and cast flare, quickly getting rid of him. She looked round to see Rikku playing around in the thief outfit, dodging, attacking, and pilfering gil from the unsuspecting guards. Finally one of the guards got the better of her and managed to stun her. That gave the other three guards a chance to attack, and they were on her like ants. Lulu tried to reach her in time but found her path blocked by another guard, this one just happened had a macina by his side she growled aggravated. She watched as Paine rushed to Rikku's side and quickly changed from the Trainer dress sphear to the Warrior outfit so she could slice and dice her way to the badly beaten girl, who to her credit was fighting them off as well as she could.

Auron on the other hand was easily beating of the people who were attacking him, just dodging and counter attacking, his large sword making quick work of those that came at him as he did so. Lulu glared at the men in front of her, and cast Ulitma on the two guards who dared to attack her and then sent her moggle after the last man who was still standing there stupidly. She then ran over to help Paine who was still struggling with the two guards who were left around Rikku, who now mostly free was giving them hell. Lulu heard a cry from below the ravine and watched as Auron ran to help Yuna up being the only one free to do so. When Yuna got up there were still three guards left, "Everyone clear!" she yelled.

Every one cleared at Yuna began her summon. Ice crystals dropped behind her and the transparent figure of Shiva appeared behind them. When the ice crystals broke Shiva was standing there. She pulled off her scarf and threw it at Yuna who caught the familiar object with an odd sort of happiness that she could once again summon these creatures of beauty, but a small part of her felt hatred for what they had done to Tidus. Shiva looked her way and suddenly all the hate was gone because she knew just by looking at it that this creature was just as sad and devastated about what they did as she was. She looked up just as Shiva let out a devastating diamond dust, destroying everything in its path. And she knew, that some part of her, some deep, dark part of her, a part she called Sin was rejoicing. When the battle was over Shiva disappeared and they were left with the remains of a dark and lonely battlefield.

Yuna took this time to walk over to Rikku who Lulu had done her best to heal. Yuna kneeled down and laid her hands on Rikku slowly curing he wounds, "You okay?"

Rikku nodded yes, and looked at Yuna, "That’s the question I should be asking you isn't it?"

Yuna sighed, "I'm fine, really."

Next to them Lulu pulled out her communicator device and called the down the airship. They all entered, Yuan with a darker mind than she had when they had left.
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