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Shattered Future 4/??

Title: Shattered Future 4/??, Part One of the What If Verse
Rating: R, but it's only for blood and themes
Fandom: FFX/FFX2
Summary: AU, In a twist of fate Tidus chooses to become Sin... only Yuna doesn't die. What starts out as a quest to save his soul from Sin turns into a quest to save Yuna's soul as well.
Parings: Yuna/Tidus, Rikku/Auron, Nooj/Lulu, sort of implied but not really Paine/Baralai
Warnings: Major Character Death and Minor Character Death, Wakka while not fully a bad guy is not the nicest person in the world in this fiction
A/N: So I wrote this years ago, but I've always wanted to revamp it. So I'm posting it here totally revamped and with 100% more original content. This fic while keeping true to the the original character stories of FFX tends to travel into unknown lands more often then not, and takes liberties with character(s) back story in a few major and minor places.
Disclaimer: Not mine nor will it ever be.

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

An hour before the ship reached Macalania Rikku found Auron in the bar room, a drink of something that looked amber in front of him. He was sipping from it slowly, and he looked deep in thought. She knew he was troubled, after all you don’t spend the amount of time they had spent together traveling, without knowing someone intimately. Thing was, Rikku was a girl who was good at first impressions and she remembered her first meeting with him. Remembered and knew that it had meant something, that it had been important.

“Show me your face.”

Rikku stared up at the man in front of her. Show him her face? Was he asking her to show him her eyes? She didn’t want to, was afraid of what he would see there. What she would see in him. He was a stranger, but he seemed the sort that could read you and know you in an instant, she hid her face, looking down at the ground, trying to run from this man and his imposing need to see her every vulnerability. He stood there, not saying anything and finally his silence forced her to act, “Oh, okay.”

She looked up at him and opened her eyes slowly, and in that moment she panicked. He was handsome, scared in so many ways yes but so, so, handsome. How could she work near him, work with him? Part of her hoped that she would push him away. Auron for his part looked her over and saw a warmth and a dedication in her that he had thought long dead, he had long. He had given himself over to the belief that nothing would ever crack the cold wall around him, and no one should. After all, he had to disappear after this, he couldn’t afford to let love sallow his heart. Even with Yuna. Because the second he did he could never go back to the land of the dead, and his heart wouldn’t let him. But here he knew that something was different, “As I thought.”

“No good?”

Her words were so far form the truth, but he didn’t know what to tell her to make it okay. So he would have to play the aloof fool, just for now, just for her case. Because if he was anything else he would break. And he couldn’t allow that, “Are you certain?”

She stepped up to the bar and touched him lightly on the arm, starling him. She laughed; it was funny to see him break if just for a little while. He gestured to the chair next to him and she took, spinning a few times before looking at him, “You think Yunie is off her rocker

There was something about the way that she said it that demanded an answer, but he didn’t know how to tell her the truth without telling her the full truth. He didn’t think she wanted to know that he was dead, was afraid that it would scare her away from him; even if he knew that was stupid to think that. She cared for all of them too much. The truth was that he could feel Sin in his head, too much time spent traveling on it like a vagabond. Too much time spent attached to it like spawn.

So he felt Yuna and Tidus there in the sea of his mind. Talking, calming each other, embracing and letting go, over and over again. He could also feel something other, but he didn’t know it’s name and he found that if he ignored the other that it went away. So he knew that Yuna wasn’t crazy, because if she was crazy then he would have to be crazy too. He knew that her connection ran deeper than his, so much deeper but he knew there was nothing to be done for it. He felt a tap on his arm and looked down at the blonde haired girl and realized that he had gotten to far into his mind again, “No, I don’t think your cousin is crazy.”

Rikku blinked, she didn’t remember ever saying that to him. But she supposed that he would have to know, because someone had to, so it was better that it was him. She nodded at the bartender and he brought her over something that was green and bubbling. She grinned up at Auron and then took a sip, “Yep, nothing better than a swamp cola.”

What she was drinking looked horrid but it smelled good. He couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to try it or to barf, “How are you holding up?”

She took another sip and the tilted her head in thought, “Good. Now that Yuna has some hope, I think that Lulu has it worst. I could never imagine having the person I loved leave me ya know?”

When she said that she looked so earnest that he felt like just blurting it all out, but he knew he couldn’t. Because he knew that he would have to leave soon, and he wouldn’t break her heart that way. He thought back to Lulu how she had looked so strong and yet so heart broken when Wakka had chosen to go back to Besaid and forsake them all. He had seen the cracks in her heart and knew that something like that could only be healed by time or love, sometimes it was both.

He had loved someone once. She had been the daughter of a high priest, they had met in secret and shared kisses under tall trees, thought that nothing could touch them, hurt them. They were invincible and could fly, it had been during a calm and when Sin had come and killed his family he had realized that what he had thought they had was completely unreal. When he had been asked to marry her he had known that he couldn’t, that it was wrong. Things had gone south for him after that. He’s not sure what he would have done if Baralai hadn’t found him and gave him purpose again, “Lulu will over come, we all do, losing love is a part of love as is falling in love again.”

Rikku understood that best as she could, after all she had watched her best friend die. Seeing that happen to Tidus had been hard, watching him lose whatever made him human, giving it all to become a monster. He had become such driving force of positive energy on their pilgrimage, always making her smile when she felt hopeless. And she had felt hopeless at times. Yuna was a force that couldn’t be stopped, she would fulfill her destiny and no amount of talking would change her mind.

Tidus had been the one person who got it. They both loved Yuna and would do anything for her, die for her. The others got it but not the way they did, Tidus loved her like a lover, and Yuna was her family her true blood. The others would do what she said without question because they loved her enough to respect that, she and Tidus loved her enough to fight her, and fight against her, be her rage when she had to be silent. And they had raged together. And now she felt a little empty because she was alone with her anger and her sorrow, so alone, “Why did he have to be so goddanm heroic?”

Hearing Rikku curse was so out of character that Auron was instantly aware of what she had said, “Tidus?”

“Who do you think I’m talking about? Of course Tidus.”

“Because he’s his father’s son, as much as he hates to admit it. Stubborn to a fault and protective of the woman he loves.”

Rikku’s ears perked up as the word father, Tidus had never said anything about his father to her, not until right up there at the end. When he had been forced into it, forced into admitting the horrible truth of what his father was, of what his father had become. She had always wondered what his father had really been like. If had been as intense as Tidus had been, “His father?”

Auron looked at her and wished that it had been Tidus to tell her all this, it was his story to tell. Not some leftovers for man too old for his age to speak to a girl, filled with longing, “His father was a drunk bastard half of the time I knew him. He didn’t care about anything but getting home and the glory of the quest.”

Beside him Rikku smiled, “Sounds a lot like Tidus. Minus you know, the drinking.”

“He was. Being here taught him to love others than himself and patience. He mellowed out. I always wished for Tidus to see that…”

Rikku couldn’t help but touch him on the shoulder, lightly, comfortingly. The Tidus that had come here had been the same Tidus that had left here, a powerful being that never stopped for anything. Perhaps the only way that he had changed was that he became even more so when he had discovered that Yuna was going to die. He had wanted to save everyone and everything but she could still hear his last words to his father, ”I hate you.” and knew that the one thing that Auron had wanted to do, to humanize his friend for a boy he looked at like a son, had failed.

It left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. She didn’t want to think of Tidus as someone who couldn’t let go of grudges, that couldn’t let go of hate because the two of them, her and Tidus, were so alike. And she didn’t want to think that she was a person that would hate with that sort of passion, that sort of vigor. She closed her eyes, and let herself be reminded that they were not the same people, but still a little reassurance would be good right?, “That won’t happen to me will it?”

The fact that she even thought that she could end up like Tidus, hating with such vigor and such furry saddened him. She was so bright and pure. But he supposed that with enough work anyone could hate, anyone could have their lives turned on a head of a pin. She was no different, and she was so young that it could still happen to her. He looked her in the eyes when he spoke to her, “No, you are nothing like Tidus.”

The, ‘you are better’ hung in the air between them and before he could say any more the ship alarm started to blare announcing their arrival at Macalania. Rikku gulped down her drink and then slammed it on the table, “Come on let’s go. We don’t want to be late to the party.”

She grabbed his hand without really thinking and it was only when they made it to the elevator that she realized what she had done and dropped his hand blushing furiously. He didn’t have it in his heart to tell her he didn’t mind. Her hand was so warm and his was so cold, her hand gave his the life he felt that it had long begun to crave. They reached bridge together and Yuna looked at both of them smiling, so unassuming of what was starting between her mentor and her best friend.

A/N: This was one of the chapters I wished to go back and add. It should make the Rikku/Auron relationship not come out of thin air. I hope.

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three |
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