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Shattered Future 3/??

Title: Shattered Future 3/??, Part One of the What If Verse
Rating: R, but it's only for blood and themes
Fandom: FFX/FFX2
Summary: AU, In a twist of fate Tidus chooses to become Sin... only Yuna doesn't die. What starts out as a quest to save his soul from Sin turns into a quest to save Yuna's soul as well.
Parings: Yuna/Tidus, Rikku/Auron, Nooj/Lulu, sort of implied but not really Paine/Baralai
Warnings: Major Character Death and Minor Character Death, Wakka while not fully a bad guy is not the nicest person in the world in this fiction
A/N: So I wrote this years ago, but I've always wanted to revamp it. So I'm posting it here totally revamped and with 100% more original content. This fic while keeping true to the the original character stories of FFX tends to travel into unknown lands more often then not, and takes liberties with character(s) back story in a few major and minor places.
Disclaimer: Not mine nor will it ever be.

| Part One|Part Two|

Yuna stood looking over the island of Besaid. She hadn’t been back here since she had been declared a traitor and just seeing it put her mind at ease. She had never thought that she would be back here, and yet here she was. Tidus had made this possible of course and in that moment despite the fact that he was her enemy now she had never loved him more. Of course none of the people who lived there and had once been her friends, could know that she was here. If they found her, she would be marked and thrown in jail again. And she couldn’t accept this option, she had hated it in jail. It was dark and all it did was remind her of those that were dead, she hadn’t been scared but she had felt chilled to the bones: something about the jail had just been off. She was at Besaid for one reason and one reason only, and that was too see Wakka off, too say good-bye to a man that she would never see again. She wished it had not come to this because she loved Wakka, he was like a big brother to her and it hurt to see him throwing his life way for lesser things. He we was above this, and she wished he knew it. She looked over the island and took in the breeze of the air around her, and the scent of the ocean. Memorizing ever detail, every sight and every sound. She felt Rikku come up behind her, “What’s the matter Yunie?”

Yuna stopped looking at the town where she had grown up to look at her green eyed cousin and smiled slightly. Her mouth a small line, “I’m going to miss this place,” she felt the memories of this place tug on her heart and knew that it was Tidus mourning for a life he would never again lead, “he does too.”

Rikku had been the first of her guardians to accept that she was connected to Sin, to Tidus. That they had something that no one else had, because his love had saved her protected her from something that up to that point had been seen as inevitable. And she had thanked her cousin for that. No one understood (not really) what it was like to be connected to something so evil and yet so kind at the same time. And it was so hard to focus on any thing else anymore, for she saw the world with two different eyes. One of evil and one good, and the good one was fighting. Tidus was fighting to keep her a float to keep that evil out of her heart. Rikku brought her out of her thoughts by sitting next to her, “I bet he does. This is where he met you? Remember?”

And she remembered, how she had just been a young summoner who didn’t know anything, who trusted with her whole heart. How she had come out the chamber aching all over, her body covered in a cold sweat. She had looked up and seen him there had wondered whom he was, because he had looked at her as if he had known her his whole life and loved her his whole life. Her body had grown weaker as she stood there, and then she only remembered words, and falling. And seeing him run to try and catch her only to be beaten by Kimhari, wonderful Kimhari. It had been the thought that had really mattered to her, “Yeah I remember.”

“You’re not the only one.”

Yuna smiled at the voice that only she could hear. She was still smiling when Auron walked over to her and looked down at her, “It’s time to go.”

Yuna nodded and they started up the path back to the airship. It was half up the path that Yuna heard the scream and took off running from where the sound had come from. Rikku followed behind her trying to keep up with her cousin that seemed hell bent on getting there in time. They reached the bridge and found a woman with short raven hair in the middle of battle. She was surrounded by Condors, the sharp talons of two of them digging into her arm and not letting go. The two girls didn’t think twice before jumping into battle to help defend the struggling female. Yuna pulled out her staff and Rikku her specially customized red daggers. The Raven-haired seemed surprised to see the two girls come to help her and then was even more shocked at just who the two girls were, “You’re the traitors aren’t you? The ones that they are hunting down?”

Yuna looked up at the woman in front of them, taking in what she was wearing. It was a black leather outfit decorated with shinny bobbles. She had huge black boots, and on her face was a look that she had never seen before empty of anything a blank slate that was still being written. Yuna didn’t know what it meant but she felt comfortable with this woman who was an absolute mystery to her. She attacked one of the Condors that was knowing on the Raven-haired shoulder, her rod hitting it sending it flying off their new friend. It seeing a new threat came around on her aiming to tear her to shreds, before it could come in contact with her she swung her rod hard causing it to burst on contact.

Rikku on the other hand was taunting her enemy and dogging its attacks while stealing from it, and her pockets were starting to look heavy and full. She had a grin on her face feeling utterly unstoppable, she hadn’t been hit yet. The Raven-haired one looked at Rikku and as if she had known the girl all her life despite only knowing her for a few minutes and spoke, “Don’t get cocky.”

Rikku looked up from her battle and this gave the bird just the chance it was looking for. It stuck quick and deadly sending Rikku to the ground, kicking the bird that was now trying to eat her face off, off her. Yuna rushed to where Rikku lay and cast cure on the slightly damaged girl and then watched as the new woman took down another bird, leaving on left. Yuna cast a devastating Holy on the final bird, wanting to end this quickly and they watched as the bird turned into Pyreflies, Yuna finally turned around to look at the raven woman, “Yes. We are the traitors. But we did noting wrong, and I will take nothing back.”

The raven woman nodded, “I know, I’ve heard all the news and know the governments’ ways first hand. Names’ by the way Paine.”

Yuna nodded and stuck out her hand, Paine regarded it for a second as if unsure if she really wanted to, like she was weighting the whole world on her shoulders, before finally shaking it. Yuna smiled and Rikku just bounced around her cousin watching the exchange take place. By this time Auron had caught up with the two girls and was watching them interact with the total stranger he felt wary but knew that once Yuna made a friend she stuck with it, so he just let it happen, it was a little to late anyway. Rikku saw him first and bounced over to him, “Isn’t she it neat? Her name’s Paine!”

Auron smiled, for all her extreme happiness Rikku never failed to make him smile. And as they had gone further down the road that the mission had led them he had come to lean on her for that. Even if she didn’t know it. Because the group needed someone to remind them to smile, and she did that, reminded him to smile, even if she was sure it made him look strange, “She seems nice."

“I like her too.”

He didn’t really mean it but for now he would say it, because it was what Rikku wanted to hear, and he didn’t want to break her heart.

Auron looked at both Yuna and Paine who happened to be chatting admirably over something and moved so that he was near them. He found that they were talking about what they had brought them here, after all Yuna wouldn’t have some one on her team that didn’t know what had happened to her. In some ways Yuna was very kind, she was the sort that demanded obedience because if she couldn’t trust you to protect her then what were you doing there at all?. Paine wouldn’t say much to Yuna, only that she too was being chased by the Yevon government and trying to get away. Yuna was nodding and was paying rapt attention when she felt Tidus explode inside her head, “Yuna, we need to get off the main road. Now!”

Tidus’s voice caused Yuna to blink confused, then his words hit her and she looked at every one, “We need to move. And quick.”

It didn’t take much for the group to jump off the bridge and onto the road beneath them. A few seconds latter the sound of Chocobos and men talking was heard, the sounds stopped a top the bridge and all those under the bridge remained totally still, fearing for their lives, the voices above them continued to talk, “Are you sure you saw them?”

“Yeah, the sources said that they were somewhere on the island.”

The sound of voices started to die down as the chirping of the birds moved away and finally the group under the bridge was able to come out from hiding. Rikku took this time to laugh, “That was close.”

Yuna nodded and then turned to Paine, “I know we just met, but I could use all the help I could get as I have lost many people dear to me, will you be my guardian?”

Yuna could see Auron’s displeasure at that, he didn’t like any one he didn’t trust near him but this wasn’t his call it was hers. Paine’s voice sounded shocked, “You’d still try to be a summoner after all they did to you?”

Yuna shook he head, “It’s not that. Sin killed the one I loved when I killed him, this time, it’s personal. It’s not about them, not at all, it’s about me.”

Paine studied Yuna for a few seconds trying to understand this quite serious girl, and then nodded, “Okay fine. But if this is just some sort of Yevon trick I won’t be staying around long you can bet on that.”

Auron huffed at Paine, and Rikku smiled his huff always made her laugh. Yuna hit a small button on a watch she was wearing and the air ship flew into close range called by its signal. It opened its hatch and Paine, Rikku, Yuna, and Auron climbed up the ramp. They were met with a very fussy Lulu who had found upon awakening that everyone was gone, and that she had not been included. She looked rather cross at Yuna who just shrugged and pointed at Rikku who then pointed at Auron. At this Lulu let out an exasperated sigh and went back into the airship.

Everyone gathered at the bridge and were watching Yuna waiting to find out what their next move was, “What do we do now?” Rikku asked.

Yuna looked at all of them from where she stood on the bridge, “Well Tidus and I have been talking it over and we both agree. Macalania needs a new high summoner. If we can get them on our side, and then get the Aeon there we will be in better shape. I know getting them on our side will be hard considering that we killed there last high summoner, but I think it’s worth a shot.”

The others agreed with her rationalization, because they all knew that the needed some allies to survive the coming days, the course to Macalania temple was set on the ships console. And the group of renegades continued their journey.

A/N: It's Paine's backstory that changes the most and it starts here, this is only warning to you get to jump ship. Okay? Okay. Awesome.

| Part One|Part Two|

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