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Shattered Future 2/??

Title: Shattered Future 2/??, Part One of the What If Verse
Rating: R, but it's only for blood and themes
Fandom: FFX/FFX2
Summary: AU, In a twist of fate Tidus chooses to become Sin... only Yuna doesn't die. What starts out as a quest to save his soul from Sin turns into a quest to save Yuna's soul as well.
Parings: Yuna/Tidus, Rikku/Auron, Nooj/Lulu, sort of implied but not really Paine/Baralai
Warnings: Major Character Death and Minor Character Death, Wakka while not fully a bad guy is not the nicest person in the world in this fiction
A/N: So I wrote this years ago, but I've always wanted to revamp it. So I'm posting it here totally revamped and with 100% more original content. This fic while keeping true to the the original character stories of FFX tends to travel into unknown lands more often then not, and takes liberties with character(s) back story in a few major and minor places.
Disclaimer: Not mine nor will it ever be.

Part One

Yuna sat on a bench in her room on, the air ship, her eyes looking over to the window, watching the clouds as they whipped past. Everyone was happy, and why wouldn’t they be, they had killed Sin yet she was still alive. Everyone except her. Didn’t any of them understand that Tidus was Sin? That the man that she had come to love had become twisted beyond belief? That Tidus was going to be killed by another Summoner? That he wouldn’t be coming back that he was gone that she would never see him again? She was sure that somewhere inside that they did understand, but they were still happy, happy for her and the life that he had given her. But her smiles were still fake, inside her heart was breaking. And she was beginning to hate them, if just a little.

It had been a long week, trying and failing to get back in the good graces of those who had shunned them. She had tried to contact Bevelle and tell them that she had defeated Sin, in hopes that they would quickly work on disbanding her status as a traitor, but she had not had any luck. So she was stuck in the Al Behd air ship, looking over the world of Spira and for the first time wondering about herself. She had given so much, and now that she had no one to fight for, she felt so alone. It was there in her small room that she let the tears fall on hands clasped in her lap, and they were warm. They slipped between the cracks of her fingers and made them wet. She brought her hands up to her eyes and tried to rub them away. But they wouldn’t stop. She buried her face in her hands, and just sat there crying. Crying for a lost love, crying for an unjust Calm, and crying for herself. She was mid sob when she heard the voice in her head, “Do not cry.”

Yuna looked up and around, but found no one. The voice had come from nowhere, she could not find where the voice had come from, she looked around slowly a little worried that her grief had caused her to go out of her mind. And she started to cry again, now not only was he dead, but she was hearing his voice. Her tears were still falling when she heard it again, “Do not cry Yuna.”

This time Yuna knew that she had heard something, that she truly wasn’t crazy, and she called out into the empty room, “Who is this?”

“You don’t recognize my voice Yuna? I suppose not, being Sin makes it hard to understand my voice but it’s me.”

Yuna felt like laughing, she was going crazy. She was hearing Tidus’ voice in her head when he was gone, she had seen him die, seen him fade from existence. Sin was talking to her, and she was going crazy. Like the people in the stories that got too close to Sin and got infected by its toxins. She got up shaking her head; she would not let Tidus’ death get to her, not if it was going to drive her insane. She opened the door of her room and started the long walk back to the cockpit of the air ship. She was mid stride when she ran into Wakka on the way there, “I’ve been forgiven by Yevon, ya?”

Yuna put up a fake smile, “Really? Just you? Why?”

Yuna had a feeling she wasn’t going to like the answer, but felt obliged to ask any way, “They said that any one who said that we were only doing what you said, under thrall or something would be free to be forgiven by the government.”

“Thrall?” She didn’t get that at all, they were talking about her as if she were some sort of fiend. Like she was one of the monsters, lost to the world. She didn’t understand that, she was just as human as the rest of them. The idea that they would call her a fiend hurt and she felt truly lost to the people she had once loved.

“It’s not very nice I get that ya, but I need to do this little sis. I need to do this for me.”

She had been right; Wakka had once again chosen Yevon over everything. It was as if he wanted to, that he couldn’t let go of the idea that this religion was corrupt, that it destroyed everything that it touched, that it had been what killed his brother not the Al Bhed weapons. But despite all her musing she couldn’t figure out why. Did his brother’s death still haunt him? Was he that unforgiving? She didn’t understand it at all. She wanted to scream at him, to shake him, but that was not Yuna. Yuna was peaceful and brave, so she couldn’t let her do anything, she just looked at him composed, “Did any one else chose to be forgiven?”

Wakka shook his head, “No, every one else chose to remain ya know? But Kimahri is going to go back to Gagazet and rebuild.”

Yuna nodded she had figured out early that this course of action was going be taken by Kimahri long before the words came out of Wakka’s mouth. Kimahri was just like that, he was loyal to a fault, so kind and giving and it was something that made her so proud of him,. He was always trying to make thing better for every one, and she would always be grateful for what he had done for her after her father’s death. And she nodded at him and moved behind him. Not looking him in the face. She continued to walk forward and as she did so she heard the voice in her head again, “He cares for you Yuna. Don’t be too mad at him.”

Yuna laughed again, when she spoke her voice was tinged with madness “Why can I hear you?”

Tidus for one, was finally happy that she had come to some sort of agreement in her mind and had realized that it was him as mad as she thought she was. She could fell his happiness his glee at the fact that they were finally communicating, yet underneath it she could feel something dark and dismal, something not quite human, all consuming: wanting to devour everything. And it was this something in his mind she came to call Sin. For she knew that was what it was. Somehow she also knew that she was not talking to Sin, but to Tidus, to her lost love, and he replied, “I’m guessing it has to do something with how you survived, maybe we’re connected? You were nott supposed to live.”

“But I did,” Yuna said smiling true for the first time since Tidus had disappeared.

And as she smiled she realized that she might be crazy, and even if she was she didn’t care. She could talk to Tidus, she could hear him, and feel him around her. And that was enough for now, “Yeah, you really did.”

Yuna nodded and a look of determination spread over her face, and in that moment she knew what she had to do. She ran back into her room, into her closet and pulled out an outfit that she had brought with Tidus while they were in Luca. He had told her that it went with the color of her eyes, and that she had come alive in that dress. The shop owner had joined Tidus to try to convince her too and had told her that it was one of the new age dresses that gave you powers. As she was changing she felt Tidus recede to give her privacy.

As he did she felt the change come over her body. She could no longer feel him around her. It was as if all power had flown from her body and left her body bereft of the will to stand. But she started to dress and ever so slowly she could feel the strength returning to her body, turning her shaky legs back to stone. She came to the conclusion that this was just some sort of withdrawal that she would have to get used to. She finally finished changing into the outfit in front of her and smiled at the way she looked in the mirror. The outfit was short, short jeans, a sleeveless white blouse that had a very large v neck that was kept in place by a black symbol. A silk piece of fabric hung at her waist and it was striped blue and white. Finally large blueish boots topped of the outfit. She snapped up her summoning staff from where it lay on the bed, and hurried to the bridge of the airship.

Half way there the connection between she and Tidus reopened, when it did she had to stop and grab the rail that ran up the hallway. His reappearance had cause a huge power surge to overcome her body. While she got her bearings she once again heard his voice inside her head, “You decent yet?”

“I’m decent.”

“So what is this all about anyways?”

“You’re Sin right? Well I figure who knows more about Sin than Sin? We might be able to use this link to figure out how to kill it and save you!”

She could feel Tidus’s approval of her plan and smiled to her self, although behind it she might have felt something a little sinister but it was gone so fast that she didn’t have time to register it. The link fell dead, but she knew instinctively they were still connected. She arrived at the bridge in a flurry of colors and everyone stared at her confused about how she could still be so full of life. Mostly it was Auron who stared hardest, who found what she was wearing to be utterly ludicrous. Every one else was staring at the staff that she held in her hands and knew with dread what it meant. Rikku walked up to her cousin, “Are you insane Yunie? After what happened last time? Do you want to die for real?”

Yuna shook her head, “I’m not going to die Rikku.”

Auron shook his head, but wouldn’t speak up against this. He would follow her into oblivion, but her did have one question, “What about Bevelle?”

“I’ve already got that covered. We are going to get the Aeons that aren’t in the temples.”

Lulu could only gape at the girl in front of her, she loved Yuna to death, but what was she thinking? Getting involved in summoning again would only lead to bad things, she could already feel the heartbreak that this would lead to, the destruction of the very young girl that stood before her, she voice her opinion, “How do you know this won’t end in vain?

Yuna’s answer was simple, “I’ve got Sin guiding me.”

A/N: Originally this was going to be the original 17 parts but I realize now that there are parts that I might want to write more on to make certain relationships flow a bit more naturally. So as of now there might be more parts than planed.

Part One
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