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To Our Brave Future

Title: To Our Brave Future
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva, Q/Moneypenny aka £Q
Rating: Hard R bc Handjobs
Word Count: 1,760
Summary: It's the day of Operation Reverse Skyfall, does it go smoothly? Part of Towards Dawn.
A/N: This is the last true chapter of Towards Dawn. I have an epilogue planned with two different endings (both you will get to see) and a second epilogue also planned which acts more as a canon for the fic I want to explore and less of something you have to take as the gospel truth if you wish. Please enjoy!

On Monday morning James wakes up and does his normal routine. He checks his away bag, puts on a good suit and eats breakfast. Today however he drives to work in his own car and parks it in the underground. He meets with M and together they discuss Silva’s plans for transfer. James nods in all the right places and looks stern the whole way through. When they are done he goes to his desk and places his gun in the center. He walks calmly to the weapons room and pulls out one gun that shoots of tranquilizer rounds, instead of the normal bullets. He does not grab anything else. He does not think he will need anything else. Then he goes to meet the people that will be transferring Silva. He clears them for the transfer and then goes to file the paperwork with M. M also signs off on it. On the way back he gives the paperwork to one of the new transfers and gives him the wrong directions, he’ll find his way eventually. But adding a little extra time cannot be a bad thing. Eventually he leaves the building a half an hour before Silva will be transferred. He bypasses his car and instead walks to the surface. He finds a jet black car waiting for him. The plates tell him that the car is in fact a rental. Q has done his job.


On Monday morning Q wakes up and makes himself a mug of good tea. He checks Silva’s bank accounts and draws another small sum out of it. Then he hacks into MI6 and makes sure that Silva’s transfer time hasn’t changed. It hasn’t. He calls in sick to work. M sounds a bit perplexed but wishes him the best of health. About fifteen minutes later he leaves his house and gets into a black rental car, as he does he puts on a black wide brimmed hat, he keeps his head low as he drives. He drives the car outside of MI6 and gets out. He walks the blocks to the tube, still wearing the hat. He uses his angles to avoid cameras. He takes the tube to a small café where another rental is parked. He sets up his computer systems here, checks and double checks that he cannot be traced. While he waits he makes sure that his face wasn’t seen on the way here, he also checks to see once again if Silva’s transfer time has changed. Eventually concludes that both of them have not. He orders another cup of tea.


On Monday morning Eve wakes up. She posts to her blog about how today will be her last day posting but that she might start up a new one. As she makes tea she waits for the replies and replies back. After about fifteen minutes she deletes the blog, and then follows the instructions that Q gave her to wipe the whole thing from the system. She finishes her tea and gets dressed. She puts on something nice but easy to move around in. She goes to work. When she gets there she checks in twice with M about Silva’s transfer time. Each time she updates her computer, the time has not been changed. She puts it someplace easy to find. Hopes that Q is able to find it. Knows that he will. When one of the new agents comes to her asking where to go to give the men who are going to transfer Silva their papers she says she will go with him. When she gets there Silva is in chains about to be loaded up into the bus. The man hands the government workers their papers. Eve cannot help but go up to Silva and slap him. While she’s doing so she hands him a tracker. The men have to tell her to stop. She marches off, head held high. When she gets back into the office she calls someone that M hasn’t really wanted to speak to because he knows how long the call will be, transfers them over to him. Waits for the argument to start. Then she stands up and says she has to use the bathroom. Instead she leaves. While she does she activates the jammer Q gave her. It will activate in 15 minutes. Works on everything but land telephone lines he told her.


James gets the telephone call about a half a hour after he has left MI6. It’s Q, “He should be two streets away from you,” he pauses and can almost hear Q eating, “I’ve jammed the stoplights. If you can get behind him everything should be fine.”

James can see the beige van in front of him. He pulls his car behind it and steps out. He arms his gun with two darts and slinks around to the front. He takes out the driver first and then the man in the passengers seat, before he can even shout. He grabs the keys attached to the drivers belt and moves around to the back. He arms his gun twice more. He opens the door and puts two shots into the men next to Silva. The man across from Silva tries to spring forward to action but before he can do anything Silva is up and has the man knocked out cold. The man slumps to the floor and Silva looks up at his rescuer, “Oh James, for me? You really didn’t have to.”

James shoots him a glare, “Of course I did you bloody bastard. I would have never forgiven myself. Now come here.”

Silva comes over to him and when he does James can see that his hands are shaking. Even being chained like this and suffering traumatic stress like this, he able to quip at James. Part of him is glad, but the other part knows that right now it is all Silva has to hang on too. James quickly unlocks him and then throws the keys away. The shackles fall to the floor and then James reaches up and pulls Silva down for a messy kiss. There is something very needy in it he realizes, something that says, finally, and I missed you, and I love you but am to afraid to say the words. Silva bites at his lip and then pulls James flush against him. James finds himself bucking into Silva, allows himself that moment of pleasure as their hips grind together. But he knows that there is precious little time. Eventually he pulls away, “We don’t have time to sit here.”

He and Silva walk over to the car and he pulls open the doors, he quickly dials Q’s number, “Q, you can start the lights now. I think people are starting to get impatient.”

“People need to learn to relax.” Q says, and then hangs up.

The red stoplight turns to green and James shifts over a lane. As he does he feels a hand creep onto his lap and turns to look at Silva’s grinning face, “Keep your eyes on the road, it would be horrible if we crashed no?”

He wants to tell Silva to move his hand but at that moment Silva’s hand snakes into his pants and brushes up against his cock and he cannot quite find it in him. He moans as Silva strokes him deftly. He wants to pull over but he cannot. A van sitting unattended like that is going to attract attention and at some point the jammer Eve used is going to run out of time. MI6 won’t be too far behind. He turns left just as Silva squeezes him firmly and then smears the pre-come on James’ cock like lube. He pushes himself into Silva’s hand, “Harder damn you.”

“Oh, so demanding James. Where are your manners?” Silva says.

Despite that he changes the strokes of his hand so that they are harder, bordering almost on pain, and it’s perfect. He’s still riding the high of the kiss, of saving Silva and really is it his fault he comes so quickly? When Silva feels him begin to soften he pulls his hand from James’ pants and licks the come off his fingers, “Delicious.”

That action alone is enough to almost make James hard again.

Eventually they get about ten blocks from the café Q has chosen. James pulls over and the two of them walk the rest of the way. When they get there James has, for the most part, gotten his composure back. He sits down next to Eve who has already started drinking a cup of tea. She looks at them and arches her eyebrow, says nothing. Q on the other hand is a bit freer with his words, “You two look a bit happier than normal.”

James laughs. They enjoy a quick cup of tea and what is left of the plate of scones that Q had already ordered. When they are done Eve hands them a few bags. Then Q hands them smaller bags. James opens the bag that Q hands them and peeks inside first. He makes out fake documents, which he is sure Q vetted and then pulls out the debit card. The second bag turns out to have a change of outfit for all of them. At that Eve smiles, “I thought it would be helpful.”

James nods his agreement. Together they all get in Q’s rental, the only car they haven’t used and drive to the train station. Inside the bathrooms they all change their clothing. They all meet at the train platform and sit down on the bench. Q crosses his legs and checks his watch, “Do you think we did the right thing?”

Eve pauses, “I don’t think it was a question of right when it came to the law, this was a bit of a moral issue wasn’t it?”

James leans back in his chair and Silva looks at him, “Tell me your thoughts dear James.”

“I wonder if she would be okay with this, if she would approve.” He says.

Next to him Silva laughs, “Mummy would be very cross. I do not care.”

He is right of course. But then perhaps, neither does James.


As dawn turns into afternoon M gets a call. Silva has gone missing. The truck that was going to bring him to prison - hijacked. It’s not until he tries to put together a team to go after him that he realizes what has happened. And by then, they are long gone.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, q/moneypenny, skyfall, towards dawn
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