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It Takes a Village

Title: It Takes a Village
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva, Q/Moneypenny aka £Q
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,534
Summary: In which Eve is a badass, Q is smug but equally awesome, and plans are made. Part of Towards Dawn.
A/N: Oh lawd while writing this the first two paragraphs were a damn mess. So all mistakes really are mine. FML.

In the end James ends up staying at MI6 much later than he intends. After he is done with Silva, He goes to meet with M again, so the two can talk about his exchange. He tells him that he had not been able to get anything out of Silva, but he was willing to try again tomorrow. It is a lie of course, but one that will allow him to talk to Silva tomorrow. He is glad that he has been able to remain calm faced while the two of them discuss the interrogation. For not the first time in his life he is glad that he is a spy, and he is glad that he has a good poker face. His thoughts while he spoke to M, had been anything but calm. He has already mentally begun running scenarios of how to rescue Silva. It would have to be done during the transfer period he concludes, but he’s not sure at which moment would be best. He asks M after they are mostly done if he can see Silva’s file and take it home for studying. M agrees and hands him the case file they had created for Silva while he had been detained by MI6 the first time. James notes that it is now updated. He thanks him and then goes back to his desk.

By the time he actually leaves it’s well into the evening.

He hails a taxi and reads through the updates they have made on Silva. The first of the major updates was the part that talked about Silva’s appearance. There were other minor details but that was the one that caught his interest first. He scans the rest of the file’s memos; they mention the place where Silva had been caught the second time among other things. At the bottom of the file was a small note about the mission in China. Looking at it made James feel melancholy. How small the note was made the whole thing seem like a footnote, like it wasn’t important. When really it had been his capture and breaking that had made him the man who stood in front of them now. The dangerous Silva, but also the Silva who loves him. There also were a few notes about the many times Silva had been hurt in the line of duty and where. James notes that while Silva had received damage, most of the scars on the man’s body were from the torture he had received at the hands of the Chinese. Knowing that makes him wish he could go back in time, erase the damage that M did to Silva. But he knows that at this point it’s too late, and perhaps it always was too late. It then goes on to make mention of the damage that had been done to him internally, and how he could only be feed soft foods, things James already knew. The whole thing paints a woefully small image, hardly important enough for the man that is Raoul Silva.

The cab stops in front of his house and James closes the file. He pays the cab fare and then enterers his apartment. The whole thing seemed lonely without Silva, without his loud voice to greet him hello. He walks into the backroom and takes off the top half of his suit, making sure to press out the winkles before he hangs it back up in the closet. He wanders back into his foyer and makes himself a martini. After his day he deserves to treat himself. He picks up the book Silva had been reading last night and glances at the title, The Canterbury Tales. He thinks about it and then decides he could use a good distraction. He is about forty pages into it when Q’s phone goes off on the table. He reaches for it and hits answer, “Are you home?”

“I’m upstairs. Is this a pressing mater?” James asks.

There is muffled conversation on the other end and then Q answers, “Eve and I are at the door.”

It takes James a moment to realize what this means, “You’re at my house.”

He can almost hear Q’s eyes rolling into the back of his head, “Yes. And it’s bloody freezing outside. If you could get the door?”

“Coming.” He hangs up and bookmarks his place in his book.

Standing up he walks over to his door and unlocks the two locks on it. Q looks up at him from where he is standing holding what looks like a bag for his laptop and another duffle bag. Eve for the most part looks amused. She smiles at him when he opens the door and then shakes the bottle of wine she brought. He stands back to let them in and they crowed into his apartment. As Eve crossed the threshold she hands him the bottle, “For tonight. I’m sure you’ve already made yourself something but I don’t doubt that it’s going to be a long one. Always helps to have extra yeah?”

He brings it over to the counter and then goes about making a quick platter of finger food. He’s not truly sure what to make, Silva has been the cook not him, but he’s relatively pleased with what he’s done. He brings the platter over to the table and sets it down. Q looks at it as if he’s never seen finger food in his life but eventually takes one. While he’s chewing he pulls something out of the duffle bag and turns it on, “There, now no one shall overhear.”

Once they’re all settled James speaks, “Now are any of you going to tell me what you are doing here so close to the am?”

Eve laughs, “Q showed me the footage. You don’t think you’re going to do this by yourself do you?”

He stares at her, “Of course I am. The two of you don’t need to be anymore involved than you are.”

That of all things makes Q laugh, “We already are involved.” He pauses, “I’m not sending such a brilliant mind away, not when I have yet to beat the bastard.”

“No. What you are going to do is go home, and forget we ever had this conversation, or that you both had such notions.”

As he’s speaking he can see Eve shaking her head and realizes that she’s about to make him feel really guilty, “Q and I already discussed it. We made the choice to not report it in the first place, on your instance if you recall.” Ah there it is, the guilt, “And then we spent the last few weeks with him and watching him and talking to him, and getting to know him. You might think it’s not important but he’s our friend now too, mess he made of MI6 or no. He did horrible things, to be sure. We will never forget that, but because of you we care about him. It’s either all four of us or not at all.” James can tell she looks rather pleased with herself when she’s done talking.

“Eve –”

Q interrupts them, “It’s too late anyway. I’ve already hacked into the bank accounts Silva had that were frozen by MI6. He had quite a deal of money. I’ve begun shifting it over to bank accounts in our names. Fake name of course.”

That makes James hesitate, “When did you start doing that? Are you sure no one in MI6 will catch you?”

Q gives him this look. It seems to say, are you kidding me. If it had been anyone else James is sure he would find very intimidating but on Q it almost makes him laugh, “I started the moment after you finished having that little conversation with Silva. And I’m doing it on my own hardware and very slowly. I doubt we will have access to all of it for a few months. By the time it’s gone it will be to late. I’m smarter than them, that’s just a fact. They won’t catch me.” He takes another thing of cheese and puts it on a cracker.

After that it doesn’t really mater what James says. He realizes that Eve and Q are going to do what they want to do and he can’t stop them. He’s worried of course but by this point it’s too late. Their minds have been made up. Once he realizes that, he feels a bit of worry seep out of him. He had not realized that he was this nervous, about doing this alone. But he can see now that he had been, “Okay. Q, debrief us.”

When he says that Q’s eyes light up. He bends down and unzips his laptop case, pulling the small compact thing out and booting it up. As he does so Eve speaks, “I’ll go get the wine.”

She stands up and goes over the counter and pours out three glasses. She brings them over to the table and Q begins to talk. As the night drags on the bottle slowly empties and the plan, of which Q has named, “Operation Reverse Skyfall” starts to take shape.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, q/moneypenny, skyfall, towards dawn
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