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To Seek out New Friendships (00Silva, Q/Moneypenny)

Title: To Seek out New Friendships
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva, Q/Moneypenny
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,103
Summary: Q and Moneypenny go on a date. Silva tags along. Part of Towards Dawn.
A/N: No Bond in this chapter sadly but this chapter works as a turning point for a few characters so it had to be done. There is so much fluff in this chapter it could rot your teeth.

Eve checks her watch and then glances behind her to make sure that Silva is not out of sight range. Bond is currently off somewhere in France and had left her with the task of watching him. She opens her purse to make sure she still has the tickets and sighs. Q is late. This had been his idea, although she had been excited about it as well, and he is late. She is not surprised in the long run, he often is. But it’s been over twenty minutes and that is late, even for him. Behind her Silva is reading a book, turning the pages ever so slyly. She’s sure he’s doing it to taunt her, but she can’t be sure. She reaches up to make certain that her hair is in place and then checks the leather belt she is wearing. Finally she hears the ding of a bike bell and looks up to see Q. He stops, gets off his bike, adjusts his bowtie and then chains his bike up. He walks to her smiling, “You look perfect.” He glances back and sees Silva, “Why is he here?”

She glances back at the man, “Bond ran off to France, something about a terrorist threat.” She glances at him, “You didn’t know? You usually have to give him some treats before he leaves don’t you?”

Q glowers, “It must have been last minute.”

She pats his arm. She knows that for the most part that Q works hard to make toys for Bond. When he doesn’t get a chance to show off he gets a bit huffy. She wants to laugh but she’s positive that it would be inappropriate. Instead she kisses him on his cheek, “Come on Doctor, we have the world to save.”

She turns around to tell Silva that they are leaving and finds Silva standing right behind her. She feels a chill creep up her spine but she refuses to bend to this man. She hooks her arm into Q’s and the two of them walk into the convention. Silva trails behind them.

After handing over the tickets and getting their badges Q tells her that he’s going off to the panel about tech in comics and tv shows, and asks if she wants to come. She declines and tells him that she’ll meet him at the Marvel panel. The two of them part ways and she heads to the floorshow, Silva in tow. She wonders how Q got tickets to this and decides it’s better not to ask. When had shown up two weeks ago to the sold out Comic Convention she had felt a warmth that she hadn’t felt in a long time. It had been comics that had after all brought them together. No one in the office knows about this of course. Only Q.

She had caught him watching X-Men First Class and hadn’t been able to hold her tongue. She had told him off for watching it, when it really wasn’t such a good film, and he had told her that at least it wasn’t The Last Stand. The conversation had turned into an argument, which had boiled down to them discussing the use of Havok and how it ruined or did not ruin comic and movie continuity. The conversation had ended when he had asked her out to tea. Which had lead to a second tea. Which had lead to more than a few dates, which had lead to her creaming him and a few of his tech friends, non MI6, in a game of Munchkin. The next day she had woken up in his bed and decided that wasn’t such a bad place to be after all.

She’s in the middle of flipping through a few comics looking for the last Runaways, it’s her new thing. When she feels someone come up behind her. He bumps into her and laughs, “How cute. Hot costume.”

She turns and glares at him, “I’m trying to look at comics, if you don’t mind.”

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, but this is the first time it’s happened with such a large group of men. They crowed into her and she looks over to find the man who runs this booth gone and sighs. Remembers that she asked him about a Nightwing comic and he had gone into the back to find it. The man reaches out and touches her hair, “River Song, are you going to be my sweetie?”

He’s about to say something else when his hand is forcibly pulled off of her. Silva stands over the man, and for a moment Eve is shocked. In her search for comics she had almost forgotten about him, “Didn’t your mummy teach you about manners?” he removes his arm and looks down at his nails bored, “Leave the lady alone yes?”

It’s like that this Q finds them. When he had realized that Eve wasn’t at the Marvel panel he had come searching. Eve sees him react and come at Silva thinking that he was in the wrong, but she puts her hand on his arm, “He’s protecting me love.” She smiles, “It’s rather cute.”

Silva pulls a phone from his pocket, “Smile now.”

The man who grabbed her yells at him, “Hey!” but Silva ignores him.

He takes a picture of the man who had touched her and then the pictures of the four men that had been with him. They stand there too stunned to really do anything. When he is done he fiddles with his phone and then Q’s starts to buzz as each picture downloads to his own phone. Silva looks back up and his eyes are hunter eyes, “Now I have your pictures. If you do it again I ruin your lives yes?” he looks over at Q, “Or he ruins your lives. Not so fun to play with people smarter than you, I think.”

The men who had seemed so frozen scramble up and flee the scene. Eve slowly realizes that a Silva without an M is a very different Silva. Without her the man has mellowed. Or perhaps, not mellowed, but his energies have been redirected. She doesn’t doubt that he could ruin them all in a second, but maybe this Silva doesn’t want too.

She looks up at him, “Thank you.”

The rest of the convention goes off without a hitch. And when Q gets them backstage during the Farscape reunion panel she knows it’s his way of trying to cheer her up. For the most part, it’s been a very good day.
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