queen_insane (queen_insane) wrote,

Snip out Your Heart, Put it in a Box (00Silva)

Title: Snip Out Your Heart, Put it in a Box
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva, M
Rating: PG
Word Count: 150
Summary: A small something to tide you over while I work on Towards Dawn. Inspired by this: "Tiago worries that NewAgent!Bond is going to replace him as M's favorite."
A/N: I almost made it back on the angst train. ALMOST.
==Warnings: It sort of gets a little oddly incesty there in the end? But it's not horrible enough to be a squick. I don't think.==

Mummy has a new favorite. He can tell by the way she looks at him. The way that she pays just a little bit more attention when this 007 enters the room. It breaks his heart. On every mission then he works a little harder, pushes himself a little more. Comes back with bumps and bruises, scars that he hopes proves his love. But it is not enough.

The China happens.

He is not surprised then to see that it is 007 that she has sent after him. And he wants to protect this James Bond. Protect him before she can break his heart too. He touches the scar on Bond’s chest and when Bond implies that this is not his first time well. He is sure that Bond expects him to pull back. Instead he kisses that scar and looks up at his brother. She will not have him.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, skyfall
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