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Everything Changes (00Silva)

Title: Everything Changes
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva, Moneypenny/Q
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,285
Summary: The one where people find out. Part of the: Towards Dawn Series which includes: Bound, Early Morning in New Household, Finding Your Pace, and A Little Competition.
A/N: Look guys! My fic found the plot!

His phone rings for the second time in a few minutes and Silva reaches for his arm before he can even reach the phone. Bond glares at him and tries again, but finds himself thwarted once again. He is having another rare day off and he and Silva are laid out on his couch watching some shit movie. He doesn’t know the name of it but Silva had bought it while James had been in France. When he had returned Silva had waved the movie in his face. He had been too tired that day but had promised later, someday later. Silva had understood and taken him to the bedroom where he had undressed him slowly and then tucked him in. That had been the night Bond had asked Silva to stay, the night Silva had moved from the small guestroom to his bedroom.

They still haven’t slept together, not in the way teens talk of sleeping together, but Bond figures it will be soon.

The phone rings again, Silva looks at it as if he wants to throw it across the room. Bond cannot disagree. A day off should be a day off. Eventually they will stop calling him; eventually they will leave him alone. Then they will choose stick another hopeless 00 on the mission they would be sending him on. And then maybe he will get more than a day off. Days that he never thought he would enjoy, not until now, until Silva, “Just turn the damn thing off dear.” says Silva from behind him.

“They might actually need me.”

Silva looks at him disapprovingly, “Pah. It rings and you do not answer, turn it off.”

“Not for lack of trying, you keep getting in the way.” He gives Silva a look right back, he won’t be cowed.

Behind him Silva laughs. Then he reaches for the phone at the table. Finding his back missing its pillow, James makes a little oomph noise as his back hits the hard arm of the seat. Understanding what Silva is going to do he makes a play for the phone and the two of them go tumbling off the sofa only nearly missing the table edge. The sound of hitting them floor muffles the click of the door. They tussle for a bit.

The next thing James knows is that he’s being hauled off Silva by firm hands, and that a gun is being pointed at Silva’s face. He turns to yell at his attacker but finds the words stolen from him by something he has not felt in a number of months. Fear.

“You okay love?” Moneypenny turns to Q who is gripping his computer tightly behind her, his eyes steel, “Call MI6. We found him.”

Instinct takes over, and the way it takes over stuns him. He hits Moneypenny’s arm just hard enough to stun and pulls the gun out of her loosened grip. He only has to check it to see that it is one of Q’s. He lowers the weapon but does not let go of it, “Let’s not do anything rash shall we?”

He knows that as he says it he has no ground to speak on, but damn if he isn’t going to try. Next to him Silva stands from where he was lying sprawled on the floor. He can tell Silva is going to say something but he scolds him with a glare. Eventually Silva caves with a shrug. In front of him Moneypenny seems flustered, “Just what is the meaning of this 007?” Q eventually asks.

In that moment he is glad for Q and his need to cut through the bullshit.

“First you tell me why you are at my house. You forget who knows where are the guns are stored.”

Q smirks, “One in your bed drawer, one in a safe behind your wine drawer, and one hidden in a secret compartment in your desk.” He grins as if he just won an award, “I’m sure that there is one that I missed but, I do have my ways.” He pauses again, “Still. I see no harm in telling you why we are here before you explain yourself.”

Moneypenny sighs, “No I suppose not. The faster we clear this up the faster we can bring Silva back in.”

Silva crosses the room and sits on a stool, “Then do go on.”

Bond cannot help but shake his head. Silva gives him this grin and then wiggles his eye brows as if to say, don’t blame me. Q pushes his glasses up his nose, “I was getting to that before we were so rudely interrupted. We had intel from a member of MI6 that they had seen Tiago Rodriguez around this area a few days ago.” The sound of his real name causes Silva to growl at Q but he continues on unafraid, “We assumed that he was looking for you to exact revenge, but well, I am starting to see that might not be true.”

“What on earth do you mean?” Moneypenny asks.

“I am saying that what we walked in on, looked less like an attack, and more like that thing you quaint humans call a lovers tussle.”

There is a pause, “We’ll if you are not quite the little detective.” Silva goads.

Q only arranges his clothes, “I have many years ahead of me. You are slowly going the way of the dinosaur.”

“Oh? What confidence –”

“Enough!” James interrupts them, “No one is taking Silva anywhere. He is…” he doesn’t want to say changed because that would be a bold face lie. He knows that Silva could betray him at any second, but perhaps he doesn’t care, “He has no plans to hunt anyone.”

“He is a criminal Bond.” He cannot argue with Moneypenny there, “He should be in jail.”

“Jail won’t hold me.” ”Jail won’t hold him.” Both Q and Silva speak at the same time. The tension between them after that is perhaps larger than it had been to begin with.

There is no way for any of them to argue that. The only way to stop Raoul Silva is to kill him. But then, that had proved hard to do as well. If poison could not topple the man, if a knife to the back could not destroy him, what really could? It was as if life had made him immune to death, even if that was impossible.

“Then what do you just suggest we do?” Moneypenny says.

As he stands there a small plan forms in his head. He’s never been the best at them of course, even M knew that, but in this moment he’s willing to try just about anything. He has grown attached to living with Silva like this. They have grown close. It is nice to have someone who understands him, “I will be his jailer. And when I cannot watch him one of you will. Who better to stop him than the three people who brought him down?”

Monneypenny sighs, “And what? We just don’t tell M?”

James shrugs, “I don’t tell M what you and Q get up to in the office when you think people are gone. Or what the two of you did on your desk that one time.”

He’s sure he can see both Q and Eve flush, “What happens when he finds out?” Monneypenny says a bit afraid, and James doesn’t blame her, this M will ruin them if he does find out.

“I guess we will deal with that when we come to it, won’t we darlings?” Silva says as he smiles.

The words hang over Bond. And he wonders just what he signed up for.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, skyfall, towards dawn
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