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Early Morning in New Household (00Silva)

Title: Early Morning in New Household
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva
Rating: PG
Word Count: 793
Summary: Continuation of Bound. Silva moves in and cooks Bond Breakfast.
A/N: So many warm and fluffy feelings. So many.

He wakes from what was, for the most part, a decent sleep, to the smell of eggs cooking in the kitchen. He has to take a moment to remind himself what is going on, before he can actually put together the pieces. It has been exactly a week and a half since he untied Silva from the chair. He had thought that Silva was going to attack him but instead the man had sauntered over to Bond’s couch, gestured to the chair across from him and Bond had unwilling sat down. For a moment Silva had not spoken. Then he had told Bond that he had come here because he had not known where to go. After that they had talked. Bond wishes he could have said it was a nice talk, but for the most part it was the two of them arguing. The whole time they argued Silva had worn that damned smirk too. Like he was winning something that could not be won.

In the end Bond had not turned him in. But he had pushed the man out of his house promising retribution if he ever showed up again.

That hadn’t stopped Silva from showing up with a bottle of wine the next night though. Or a bottle of scotch after that, and a bottle of vodka after that. Eventually Bond had just invited the man to stay at his home. He wasn’t sure why he had done it, but he knew that by that point Silva knew he wasn’t going to turn him in. He knew that Silva wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted.

The second the words were out of his mouth, Silva had tutted at him, “Oh James I thought you would never ask!”

Which brought him back to the present. He swung his legs over the bed and paused, “Are you humming?” he yelled into the kitchen.

Whatever it was that was making noise stopped, and then Silva answered him, “You are up! That is good. I am making us breakfast.”

He pulled on a pair of tie string pants over his boxers and then slid his feet into slippers. On the whole he felt a bit silly but then he had rarely had company like this. He walked out into the kitchen where Silva was in front of his stove, having gotten into what looked like every drawer and cupboard. He moved into the room and started closing the ones that were open, dancing around Silva at the stove as he did so, “What brought this on?”

“You are my host no? I am pulling my own weight.”

Bond sighed, “You didn’t have too.”

Silva laughed, “I wanted too.” He gestured next to him, “Some tea if you want some dear.”

James reached over to the water and poured himself a cup of Earl Grey, and then dropped one sugar and a small dab of cream into it, “That is another thing we must talk about. All this dear James and darling James. I am not your pet.”

Silva finished the eggs and walked past James brushing his hand over James’s arm as he did so, causing the man to almost spill his tea, “Of course you are not,” he grabbed two plates and served them, “Breathe. Breathe, it is all in good fun.”

This had started yesterday. The teasing, the flirting. Bond understood it for what it was, Silva was becoming comfortable around him, but he didn’t like it. Didn’t like what it meant. It had only been a week, and he too was becoming comfortable with this, with Silva being around his house. In his home, the one place where one should feel safe, where Bond for the most part did feel safe. What did it say that he was starting to feel safe around Silva? Around the man who had killed M?

He grabbed his plate, and a fork and napkin that Silva game him, “I am calm.”

Silva reached over and massaged one of James’s arms. He removed his hand before James could complain, “You are too tense. We will go out soon and I will relax you.”

“I cannot take time off work.” Bond told him.

Across him Silva waved his hand, “I know I know. Queen and Country. How boring, how dull. We will plan around it.”

Bond finished eating and then looked down at his watch, “Speaking of.”

He threw his napkin down on the table went into his room and quickly changed. Walking back into the main room he grabbed his keys on the stand in front of the door. As he left hear heard Silva call after him, “Do try not to die darling!”

His life was not dull, that was for sure.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, skyfall, towards dawn
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