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Bound (00Silva)

Title: Bound
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 735
Summary: Inspired by the prompt: I thought seeing the tables turned between bond and Silva’s chair scene…in a different situation…with Silva in that sexy cop outfit?
A/N: So this might not have been what you were asking but I didn't know how to write around Silva's issues. Oops D:
==Warnings: Deals with PTSD.==

Bond gets home late from work. His house is dark and he flips the lights on, cracks his shoulders. He walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge door, tries to figure out what he wants. Decides he is not hungry. Instead he pulls a bottle of wine from his wine cooler. He pauses while taking the cork out and elbows who ever is behind him, then he lands a solid blow to the head of his attacker. He turns to see a shock of blond hair tumble to the ground. The next bit of what he feels is shock, and some horror.

The man thought to be dead, Silva, lays on the floor unconscious. And he’s wearing that damn cop outfit again. Most likely how he’s been able to move through the city undetected the past month or so.

He thinks about what to do, if he should kill him, but eventually decides that he has questions that are better served with this man alive. He steps over the body and then turns to drag it to one of his kitchen table chairs. He puts the body in the chair and positions it so that it is sitting. He goes into his bedroom and opens one of his many away bags, pulls out a long cord of solid rope and a knife. He goes back into the room and works on tying Silva to the chair. He has a bit of laugh as he realizes that their situation from the island has been reversed. The only thing that is different is that she is dead. That stings, but Bond knows it does not do one well to focus on the past.

Job done he stands up and tries to figure out how to wake Silva. Eventually he sighs and realizes he will just have to wait.

He is about 25 pages into Behind the Beautiful Forevers when Silva stars to sir. The man blinks a few times before looking up at Bond. He tries to escape but finds he cannot. He pauses, visibly shaken, “Release me.”

Bond shakes his head, “I am afraid I cannot do that.”

Silva struggled harder, “I said, release me.”

It is in this moment that Bond realizes that Silva is having a panic attack, “I am not going to harm you.”

When Silva laughs it is broken, his struggles have not ceased, “Do you not think they said that on the occasion James?”

Bond doesn’t have to ask. He knows when Silva says they, he means the Chinese. The people that turned him into this. Who helped change the man who was once Tiago into Silva. Into madness, “I am not them.”

Silva snarls at him, strains against his bonds, “Do not pretend that you do not know how to break a man. I know what she taught us.”

He cannot pretend that he doesn’t, it is true, “I do not deny it.”

“Then do not pretend that you have plans for me after this, do not pretend that you need me alive after this. One thing I admired about you dear James,” he sneers the name, “is your honesty.”

That makes James pause. Many people have called him things, but honest was never one of the few. While for the most part he was a man of his word, he was a spy. And in the end a person you could never trust was a spy. He sighs, “If I untie you, will you run?”

Silva presses forward, still trying to escape his ropes, “I cannot. But I can promise oh James, that you will find the results interesting.”

Bond hesitates. He knows Silva, understands how the man works. How he goes into a fight knowing more about you than you him, but he cannot lie to himself. Work has been boring since Silva. Each day had felt like a pressure, like he was going crazy. Each day he could remember echoes of what Silva had told him, about the rats, about his future. And he yearned for… something. He wasn’t sure what it was. But now seeing Silva in this chair, he realizes that Silva is maybe this thing he is seeking. The something he is looking for.

He steps to the chair and brings the knife with him. Wonders what will happen, what Silva will do. Knows that it will not be dull.

He cannot wait.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, skyfall, towards dawn
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