queen_insane (queen_insane) wrote,

Elementary (00Silva)

Title: Elementary
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall '12)
Characters/Parings: 00Silva aka Bond/Silva
Rating: NC-17 baby
Word Count: 412
Summary: Silva owns him, drives him mad. Aka the radio doesn't work and Bond is trapped on the island. Yeah it's one of THOSE.
A/N: Each 100 word dabble is inspired by an element in this order: Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The last 12 words are not.
==Warnings: Light Bondage Fun times. Yay Handcuffs.==

Silva tangles his fingers in James’s hair and tugs him down to his lips. James had not expected him to be gentle, he is not. They kiss and Silva bites his lip, makes him bleed. Everything about it hurts, everything about it is perfect. He has always thought with his cock, and not with his mind. In this moment he both hates himself and loves Silva. Loves the way the man takes control of the kiss, takes control of him in a way that no one ever has. It is as if Silva is stealing the very breath from him.

He grinds up into Silva. He feels naked, here in this room, on this island. Silva reaches down and squeezes. He bucks up into the man’s hand and moans, but it is caught in Silva’s mouth, swallowed up by the devil. Silva grins down at him eyes shining with some evil that Bond cannot begin to understand. Then there's hands under his body and he is being turned with such fluid grace, such ease. As if James is nothing. He feels like nothing. James hardly has time to blink before he is pulled up, Silva’s cock grinding into his ass.

Sliva presses him to the mattress firmly, holds him there and James feels something on his wrists. The cold metal of handcuffs hold him firm, grounds him to his reality. To the fact that this is actually happening and for a moment he panics. He struggles a bit but knows that it is fruitless. Silva’s strength has over taken him. Soon this man will own his body. He hears the click of a cap and then Silva prepares him, slowly efficiently. This is the power of a man who will not be moved. James groans when Silva removes his fingers.

Silva enters him and for a second there is pain, and then that pain becomes a pleasure. This is what it feels like to be burned from the inside out. This is what it feels like to be owned. Silva does not hold back, thrusting harder, and harder. Bond feels himself harden past the point where it should feel good. But it does, something about Silva’s ownership of him feels so perfect. This was made to happen he realizes, Silva bring him down to this hell. His moans of pleasure given to this man like a gift, a terrible promise.

“Come my dear.” Silva commands.

He can no longer hold anything back.
Tags: 00silva, fic, james bond, skyfall
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