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Oh shit it's that time again

~I know that people do cards for the winter holiday's for w/e you celebrate. However I suck at sending things out. But I am very good a writing things and I do love to give back very much. So here is what I'm going to do:
I will be writing 100 to 500 word dabbles for anyone who wants one as a gift. (you only get one)

What this means is if you want one please reply to this post with this:
Fandoms you like:
Your favorite Character from fandoms:
What parings you ship:
Characters/Parings you never want to see every in your fiction:
Two prompts that are fandom vague:
And anything else you can think of:

If you want a list of what I will write and what I won't please look at my fandoms/paring list here. Also just because I don't ship a person with another person does not mean that I won't write about them. Think of this more as a guideline and less of something set in stone.
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