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Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two

Title: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Characters/Parings: No parings yet, characters are all OC's, however expect cameo's by Korra and Aang at some point because well, this is Avatar we are talking about. Asha POV. Naya (Korra's granddaughter)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 317
Summary: The Avatar has always been one person, The Avatar can only be one person, the birth and rise of Soon and Asha: twin sisters who share a soul, changes everything.
A/N: I am posting these in the order that I wrote them. This means that they are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This is a side project and therefore it might never be complete. I don't plan on any of them (the stories) being very long at all. Each story is from the POV of one or both of the sisters.

Book: Air
Asha stared at the large man in front of her, she was only thirteen but already people like this didn’t scare her. She glared at him from where she was sitting at the table. She and her sister had arrived in this town a little over a year ago after bloodbenders had found their old home. She had found work in this small tea shop for room and board, and for the most part, they enjoyed themselves. And now, there was this man. For all Asha knew of bloodbenders he looked nothing like one, instead his armor was rich, and lavish, something about it screamed power. He moved near her and Soon stood up, knocking her cup over, sending it crashing to the ground, “Please go away.”

Sometimes the pride Asha felt for her sister was so immense. The man just smirked, “I think not.”

Still sitting Asha looked up at him, “Then are you going to tell us who you are?”

She wanted to wipe off that smirk on his face, “I’m an emissary from Republic City, and I’ve been tasked with bringing you in.”

Next to him Soon frowned, “No.”

“Then you give me no other choice.”

The table where Asha was standing squeaked as she stood up. This was going to get messy, and she wasn’t going to leave her sister to fight alone.
Tags: avatar the last airbender, fic, rating: pg, that avatar fic
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