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Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two

Title: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Characters/Parings: No parings yet, characters are all OC's, however expect cameo's by Korra and Aang at some point because well, this is Avatar we are talking about. Soon POV.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 261
Summary: The Avatar has always been one person, The Avatar can only be one person, the birth and rise of Soon and Asha: twin sisters who share a soul, changes everything.
A/N: I am posting these in the order that I wrote them. This means that they are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This is a side project and therefore it might never be complete. I don't plan on any of them (the stories) being very long at all. Each story is from the POV of one or both of the sisters.
A/N 2: For each part I think I'm going to edit in which book each one take place in, just to help you understand the order a little more (now that I understand the order a little more). To help you understand that, the book order is: Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Book: Air

Soon looked at Asha who, from the way she looked couldn’t quite believe what her sister had just said. Her mouth was open, and she expected a fly to buzz in and out, considering if it should make this orifice it’s new home. Soon held her hand up to her mouth and tried to contain her laughter but found that she could not. When she had heard that the town that they were hiding in was offering that, she knew that it would be the perfect way to help her sister learn how to bend air. Even if she knew her sister would object. Asha had something against anything that wasn’t one-hundred percent necessary to living. But this was something that had helped Soon learn how to bend air and so, Asha would learn too, “Sister no matter how much you laugh at me I am not learning how to dance.”

“Asha, really it’s for the best. And we are already at the dojo. It will help. I promise you.” Soon paused to look at her sister, “And I’ll be your partner. You won’t need to dance with a stranger. Just you and me, like it’s always been. I promise.”

Soon saw the beginning of a blush crossing her sister’s face, “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything Asha. Come on, I promise it won’t be so bad.”

When she took her sisters hand she felt little resistance. In times like this Soon loved Asha more than anything. She smiled and lead her into the dojo. If this didn’t help, nothing would.
Tags: avatar the last airbender, fic, rating: pg, that avatar fic
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