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Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two

Title: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Characters/Parings: No parings yet, characters are all OC's, however expect cameo's by Korra and Aang at some point because well, this is Avatar we are talking about. Soon POV.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 214
Summary: The Avatar has always been one person, The Avatar can only be one person, the birth and rise of Soon and Asha: twin sisters who share a soul, changes everything.
A/N: I am posting these in the order that I wrote them. This means that they are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This is a side project and therefore it might never be complete. I don't plan on any of them (the stories) being very long at all. Each story is from the POV of one or both of the sisters.

Book: Air

Soon struggled against the strong hand holding her and tried to kick out with her feet. It was no use, she was effectively trapped. She grunted and looked up into the eyes of the man who was holding her. She was sure that he was Republic by the fancy clothes that he wore. From what little she could remember bloodbenders wore normal Water Tribe garb only it was dyed a deep crimson. This man looked nothing like that and she started struggling again. Across from her, her sister lay knocked out on the ground. They hadn’t known that the small temple they had stayed at was watched by cities. But here one was, holding onto her arm, “Let me go.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Our council men are very much in need of you.”

“They can get stuffed if this is how they are going to ask.”

The man paused and then turned. Soon wondered what was going on when she saw the son of the young couple that owned the temple. He motioned up at the ground beneath him and the small pebbles on the ground rose up and smacked the city in the face, “Leave her alone!”

For a second his grip loosened, and that was all Soon needed really.
Tags: avatar the last airbender, fic, rating: pg, that avatar fic
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