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Title: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Characters/Parings: No parings yet, characters are all OC's, however expect cameo's by Korra and Aang at some point because well, this is Avatar we are talking about. Asha POV. Roku and a New Character
Rating: PG
Word Count: 375
Summary: The Avatar has always been one person, The Avatar can only be one person, the birth and rise of Soon and Asha: twin sisters who share a soul, changes everything.
A/N: I am posting these in the order that I wrote them. This means that they are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This is a side project and therefore it might never be complete. I don't plan on any of them (the stories) being very long at all. Each story is from the POV of one or both of the sisters.

Book: Earth

The scream that pierces the air makes Asha sit up quickly. She shakes Roku and he blinks as he wakes up, “Ngh?”

“I heard… there was a scream.”

There is silence and then suddenly another scream, closer this time. So close that now Asha can hear the sound of cracking twigs and bushes shaking. Then she hears the unmistakable sound of feet running. The girl that breaks through the forest is wearing what looks to be dirty Kyoshi Warrior clothes that have been mixed and matched with clothes from the fire nation. Behind her two men crash through the bushes their water tribe clothes bright red. In that moment Asha’s eyes narrow, the rage swelling inside of her. These are the people that took her sister from her.

The girl swings behind Asha using her for cover and Asha has a moment to recover before they men are upon her, “Now, what do we have here?”

Asha smirks, “Not someone you should be happy to see.”

She traps one of them in a prison of earth and goes to move on to the next one. She can feel her skin tingle as they try to bend her blood. But she and Soon are beyond that. Realizing this the man in front of her draws water out of the decanter on his hip and attacks her with it, wielding it like one would a whip. She blocks it with a wall of fire and then traps him too. The girl behind her seems out of breath, but she’s smiling, “Thank you.”

The glare that Asha turns on her should make the girl balk but she doesn’t. It makes Roku laugh, which only serves to piss off Asha more, “You are?” Roku asks.

“Rei. Pleased to meet you.”

She’s not sure what has happened but Asha has the direct impression that they’ve picked up a stray. She doesn’t have time for this and she turns stalking off into the forest. She puts up with Roku because Soon likes him, but she can’t have any distractions. Not when her sister is trapped behind those solid steel walls. She’s going to rescue her sister even if she has to defeat a thousand blood benders at once to do so.
Tags: avatar the last airbender, fic, rating: pg, that avatar fic
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