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Fic: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two

Title: Avatar the Last Airbender: The Tale of Two
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Characters/Parings: No parings yet, characters are all OC's, however expect cameo's by Korra and Aang at some point because well, this is Avatar we are talking about. Soon and Asha POV.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 208
Summary: The Avatar has always been one person, The Avatar can only be one person, the birth and rise of Soon and Asha: twin sisters who share a soul, changes everything.
A/N: I am posting these in the order that I wrote them. This means that they are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This is a side project and therefore it might never be complete. I don't plan on any of them (the stories) being very long at all. Each story is from the POV of one or both of the sisters.

Soon stared at Asha as she firebent. Each precise movement drawing out a blast of warm fire. Her twin was doing well today, they both had. Here up on the mountains away from everyone, away from the people who had killed their family, from Republic City that wanted to use them, here they could train in the solitude that only the mountains offered. Asha finished and stomped on the solid ground and then cleared out a small pit for the fire that night, scooping up the earth her hands arms pulling back and forth as she dug, tugging the earth free. To shelter them she created huts out of the earth around her. She looked up at Soon who had already cut down thick branches from the trees around them, her air creating precise strokes that would of had even the best master in awe. Then slowly Soon drew out the water from the leaves that would die otherwise, and used that, and water from the river to fill the pot that now hug over the fire that Asha had lit. The leaves, now brittle went to help fuel the remaining flame. They would go hunting tonight, and maybe when the world finally needed them, they would come.
Tags: au, avatar the last airbender, fic, rating: pg, that avatar fic
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