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That Gabriel fic part 5

Title: Gabriel – The Last Three episodes of Season 1
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Parings: Sam, Dean, John, Azazel, Gabriel/OC (although if you really pay attention you know who it is), Gabriel has a lot of feelings for Sam okay?
Rating: R
Word Count: 576/377/164
Summary: Gabriel has more awkward times with John, Gabriel has some vague sexy times with an unknown OC but if you pay attention really you'd know, and Gabriel gets hit by a truck and has a revelation
A/N: Part five of this verse. First part with some sexy bits but not really sexy just vaguely sexy. This is the end of season 1 and the first part where I feel like Gabriel does some things that maybe people will not like? Idk it's who she is.

She is alone with John again, and she fidgets. They are taking two cars to get to where they need to be and Sam suggested that she ride with his father, to help break the tension between them. It’s not working and she hates it. She stares at her feet and tries to think of anything but the emptiness that is the car.

“I know what you are.”

Her eyes snap up to his but they are not looking at her. They are looking at the road but they are hard, dangerous. His knuckles are white as he grips the wheel.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Of course she knows what he means. But she doesn’t want to think about it, about how he knows. How he somehow can read right into her soul, what little of it there is that is not taken up by protecting his son or trying to figure out how deep betrayal can go.

“Of course you do.”

It’s not time to play around, she swallows and goes for broke.


“It hasn’t happened yet. But it will.” He pauses, “After we met last time I knew I had seen your face somewhere. Spent ages trying to pin it down, because it was so long ago when it happened. Finally realized we’ve met before.”

Gabriel doesn’t remember this. Knows that she had never approached John Winchester, that if she had it would have killed any chance of the mission going smoothly. This was before she realized that her love for Sam meant more to her than the mission, this was before Ambriel told her that she was grown enough to take care of herself. Before she knew that it was okay to finally finally drop whatever she had been pretending to be.

“I don’t remember it.”

“You will.”

There is more silence then and her phone goes off. It’s Sam, asking if they have talked, if they have somehow come to some sort of peace. She doesn’t know why he wants it so badly, it’s not like there is any love lost between him and his father. She supposes it’s because people always want their parents to like their friends, no matter how bad it is at home. She assures him that she and his father are doing fine and that they are talking. It’s not a lie, but she doesn’t want to tell him that John will never like her. Not when he knows. Sam’s voice is excited when he hears that, and he tells her that the four of them are going to have to get along now that they are going to hunt together for what might be the rest of their lives.

That thought makes her want to scream. She doesn’t want to be with John for forever. With the man who won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on her. She thinks of the Colt and how the bullet would feel tearing through her skin, giving her a final death. She clutches her leg and John notices. She tells Sam they will talk later and hangs up.

“Are you going to kill me?”



“On you. On everything.”

From his point of view she supposes that seems fair.

After they defeat the nest of Vampires (she hates Vampires, they are all trash) they find a motel and she allows herself to sleep.

That night she dreams of fire, and a woman burning on a ceiling.


She visits him in his dreams. Calls him to her and kisses him softly. Pulls him into her bed and takes her time with him, strips him of his clothing and takes his body into hers. He is confused for a time but eventually he gives into her, just like he always does. She is slow with him, different than before, and when he tries to rush she pins him down and shakes her head.

Her face is cloaked in shadow.

Eventually she is filled and fills him in return. When they are done he looks at her, seeing her new face for the first time and she knows he regrets.


“Because soon you must pretend you never knew me. We will meet again and you must treat me as one of them, as an enemy.”

He traces her face and she catches his hand, places kisses upon it. He is one of her favorites, one of her most beloved. No mater how much she loves Sam this is part of her too, and she wishes to protect it. Just for a few moments longer. While she still can. His face shows confusion, contempt even, “Pretend that I do not know you? Act as if you do not call to me? As if our shared history is nothing?”
She nods, “Yes. Yes you must.”


She cannot say why. He would use it against her just as she has used his children against him on whims of anger and passion, “Because you must.”

It is a command he cannot refuse. Not from her and she knows it, using her power over him the only way she can.

“Is this good-bye?”

She shakes her head, “Not if you play your cards right. Not if you don’t press advantages you don’t have, let your beautiful pride get in the way.”

It always gets in the way.

He nods and pulls her to him again, pulls her body flush up against his and she lets him. Lets him kiss away his worry and her regret. Hopes that even if they are not on the same side, that this is not good-bye. Not in the way that it might be. In the way that she knows that someday it must.


They make it. Somehow they all make it. Even the one she used to call love, he makes it too. And for a moment she lets herself be happy lets herself have this. As they ride in the car she looks at Sam driving and thinks how wonderful everything is.

No one else is happy. The yellow eyed demon roams free but Gabriel is to caught up in knowing that they are all alive. Even John.

She feels it to late. The presence of another demon near by. His evil leaking our around her. She looks up and the truck is coming at them. Full speed. She shuts down her own presence as fast as she can and braces for impact. Thinks that the second that she has a chance she is going to tell Sam how she feels. She can’t go on like this anymore, having him not know. Feels her neck hit the back of the seat and snap.

Death comes quickly.
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