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That Gabriel fic part 4

Title: Gabriel – Hell House + Provenance
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Parings: Sam, Dean, Sarah, OC (Gabriel), there will be parings later but not yet, Gabriel has a lot of feelings for Sam okay?
Rating: This part PG
Word Count: 505/325
Summary: Sam and Gabriel plot revenge on Dean, Gabriel once again contemplates her feelings for Sam and his love life
A/N: The fourth in what I hope to be a longer story on Gabriel told through 100 to 500 drabbles. There will be a later Sam/Gabriel paring if you no like, don’t read. Don’t expect to know everything right away, and don’t ask. Chances are I won’t tell you.

They are alone for the first time in what seems like a long time. Gabriel sits with her legs cross on the bed while the water in the bathroom runs. Sam’s washing whatever Dean put on his jeans to make him itch. She’s eating the leftovers of the burger from where they had lunch and trying to figure out just how to get Dean back. She can’t let him go unpunished after all. She licks the last of the ketchup from her fingers and throws the paper away into the trash.

Eventually Sam comes out in a new pair of jeans looking no worse for wear. Part of her wishes he was naked like last time, but he’s not. No such luck there. He lays on the bed next to her, the one that Dean uses and just sort of stares at her.

“I think I’m losing this prank war.”

“I know you’re losing this prank war. We’re from a school with frats, we should be better than this.”


She shrugs, she thought it was obvious, “I’m on your side.”

“How would you torture my brother?”

Gabriel thinks it’s a bad choice of words, torture, but she’s been asking herself the same question. How would she get back at Dean? She’s not as good at this human stuff as she wants to be and wishes it wasn’t so beyond her sometimes. She lets out a huge sigh and it makes Sam look at her, puppy eyes and all.


“I… ugh I’m just so…”

She’s having trouble figuring out the words.



Sam laughs and it’s warm and covers her whole body. She is once again left wishing she could tell him how she feels. But even now it’s too soon and she’s worried that he would say something to Dean and then she would be out on her ass again. That’s not an acceptable situation. She climbs into the bed with him, not touching. and stares at the ceiling, hopes that it looks more like a gesture of friendship than what she actually wants it to be. He turns his head to look at her, “Think of anything yet?”

She shakes her head but as she’s shaking it she can feel a grin slowly split her mouth. Oh, oh she has an idea now. It grows inside of her and blossoms until she’s laughing. Sam stares at her oddly.

“I have an idea.”

He doesn’t say anything letting her continue.

“Have you considered gluing his hand to his beer bottle?”

Sam begins to grin too, “I think you might be onto something there.”

When he says this she knows that he’s going to do it. That it’s going to be hilarious, and it’s going to be so utterly human the look on Dean’s face when he finds out what happens. She sits up, “You have to let me be there when it happens.”

Sam’s laughs. His perfect, loving, laugh is all the answer she needs. This is going to be good indeed.


Gabriel likes this girl. She’s much better than the girl before, the one that Sam liked when they met the Hookman. Sam could settle down with this woman Gabriel realizes, he could settle down with her and be happy. And it wouldn’t be cute or white picket, it would be real. He could come home to her every night after having a real job and she would kiss him and hold him. And maybe one day he would teach her how to shoot, how to fight the monsters he used to. And when their peace was finally shattered, because it would be, Gabriel doesn’t doubt this, that this woman would join him on the road. And maybe one day he would slip or Sarah would slip and one of them would be dead. But for those years what little or a lot they had would be real.

Oh yes Gabriel likes Sarah very much. She would give Sam up if she thought that this is what he wanted. If she thought that he was the sort of person who would drag someone like her into the life with him when Sarah could live a life away from it all. No, Sam isn’t that sort of person. Maybe he used to be, maybe he could have been with Jess, but the more that the demons circle around him, the more he’s on the road with his brother the more she knows he wouldn’t. And that it wouldn’t work out.

Sometimes she feels sorry for the girls like this. Sometimes she doesn’t. She’s not surprised when Sam leaves Sarah with little more than a kiss. Wants to hug Sarah and say, “I’m sorry.”

Instead she leaves with Sam, and thinks that maybe soon, maybe it’s almost time to tell him how she feels. It’s been a year and she doesn’t want anything in return. She just wants him to know. Someone loves him. Somehow this is important.
Tags: fic, gabriel, mary sues suck but i can't help it, rating: pg, spn, supernatural
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