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That Gabriel fic part 3

Title: Gabriel – Scarecrow + Nightmare + Shadow
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Parings: Sam, Dean, John, Random characters that they save, OC (Gabriel), there will be parings later but not yet, Gabriel has a lot of feelings for Sam okay?
Rating: This part PG
Word Count: 358/111/276
Summary: Gabriel and Dean grow closer, Gabriel panics while Sam has a vision, Gabriel is utterly terrified by John Winchester
A/N: The thrid in what I hope to be a longer story on Gabriel told through 100 to 500 drabbles. There will be a later Sam/Gabriel paring if you no like, don’t read. Don’t expect to know everything right away, and don’t ask. Chances are I won’t tell you.

The door slams and she is left in the car with Dean. She wants to go with Sam, yearns to go with him but there is little she can do without giving away why she is here, why she is traveling with them. Dean glares at her as she gets out of the car and into the front seat. He’s not happy that she’s sitting there but it doesn’t make sense for her not too, not with Sam gone and the seat free. Silence descends upon the car and Gabriel twitches in her seat, fiddling with whatever loose fabric she can find on her jeans. Dean just glares at her again, so she stops.

He finally breaks the silence, “How did you start hunting?”

She can tell that he doesn’t want to talk but anything is better than the nothing that surrounds them now, “My parents were hunters but never told me, they worked from home. They were killed by Vampires in our house, I was only 12, they told me to hide and I did. I witnessed it all.”

The lie comes easily to her. She already hates Vampires so it’s not hard to fake that.

“You started hunting when you were 12?”

She nods, “My parent’s friends were all hunters too. My aunt raised me but they taught me. Her only rule was that I go to college and get a degree. If by the time I left school education didn’t work out, I could hunt. Here I am, so it obviously didn’t work out.”

He stares at her and she wonders if her lies are like a black hole, something that will someday swallow her whole.

“How in the hell did you find out Sam was a hunter?”

Years of watching hunters means she can answer this truthfully, “Hunters have this way about them. Sam tried to blend in best he could but some things are unlearned.”

The silence is more comfortable then and she reaches forward and throws on something by Boston letting the music ease out the rest of the tension. By the time they’ve gotten to Burkittsville she’s humming along with him.


Sam is in pain. So much distressing pain and all Gabriel can do is sit there with Dean and hold him while he rides out his vision. Her hands clutch at him stupidly, like she isn’t holding him hard enough to hurt like her hands won’t leave bruises in their worry. Dean is looking at her so lost but she knows that he can see that she’s lost too. She didn’t know the visions were so painful, so numbing. They are nothing like her visions; those come so easily so unfettered. So she clings stupidly and hopes that it will pass. When it finally does she is able to breathe again.


John doesn’t like her. Watches her with dark eyes and it’s like Dean all over again. But his gaze is more intense, more foreboding. She’s afraid to even speak around him because she might let something slip that he can use against her. He’s sharper than his sons and much smarter. He’s what most hunters wish they were, intelligent and calculating, but with just enough compassion to make him a threat. If he didn’t care so much for Sam and Dean she wouldn’t be afraid to say that he would make it to the end. But his sons are reckless and people do stupid things for the people they love.

Sam and Dean have left them alone to go get something to eat and she wants to flee.

“You’ve been traveling with my boys long?”

The way he says boys is possessive, it lets her know that if she does anything to harm them he will shoot her full of bullets before she can explain. It won’t do anything but she hates the feeling of death, those few moments where she no longer exists.

“A little under a year Sir.”

Not going to let him think she’s being disrespectful.

“I don’t trust you.”

She thinks that’s for the best.

“I won’t do your sons any harm Sir. I care for them, greatly.”

The chair he is sitting in creaks as he leans forward to look her right in the eyes, “You better not.”

She swallows and is about to say something when the door swings open and Sam and Dean come in holding bags that smell like hamburgers. Her stomach growls, “It’s about time. I’m starving.”
Tags: fic, gabriel, mary sues suck but i can't help it, rating: pg, supernatural
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