queen_insane (queen_insane) wrote,

This is more fic than you will ever see me do EVER

Title: Share a Heaven
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Words: 150
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jo, Ash, Ellen, Bobby other undisclosed voices - who might be Jess, Pam, Andy and others you never know ;) (Gen Fic)
A/N: Uh after swagneto's speech I really wanted to do something for everyone in Treehouse for the New Year. I couldn't think of anything. Then this small fic idea fell into my lap about 10 minutes ago. This is for ya'll, it's stupidly fluffy.

Soulmate is one plus one. Two people, one heart. That’s what he was told, what he grew up to believe. The Angels confirmed it for him when they said that soulmates share a heaven. Not too impossible to believe really. Dean didn’t think he had a soulmate, although Sam came pretty close. Even when death came he didn’t fear it, Sam was there after all.

And yet…

He opened his eyes to himself lying on the roadhouse floor, Sam sitting close by. He blinked and saw Jo over at the shooting gallery trading barbs with Bobby and Ash, Ellen listening in. He could hear more voices and looked up at Sam, willing Sam's college brain to spill its secrets to him.

Sam smiled, “I don’t think Soulmate is as romantic as we thought it was.”

It was an easy revelation: Soulmate equals love plus love. He could live with that.
Tags: fic, rating: g, supernatural, treehaus makes the best pancakes, treehouse
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