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Title: Poison is a Ladies' Weapon
Fandom: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
Summary: Lots of waiting has finally paid off
Characters: Sansa, Littlefinger (not Romantically)
Word Count: Short Enough that you can read it.
Warning: Character Death, attempt at Littlefinger POV for a bit. It's not a sad fic however. Spoilers for all 5 books.
A/N: Written on the Fly. IDK I like it.

He was surprised at her lack of surprise. When he was clearly dying. There had been something in his drink that had obviously ruptured some part of his body. Blood dripped out of his mouth and he found it hard to breathe. Her steps were graceful when she approached him and she sat down on the floor cradling his head like a child’s.

“I did not expect that it would be you.”

He was sure whatever had been put in his cup had made him delusional as well. The woman in front of him was dead. He had heard of her death and mourned her in his own way.

“It was always going to be me my lord.”

Speak well. Be courteous. Never let them see you break. Never show them more than they deserve to see. Always assume that your hand is not as good as theirs. As he died she told herself this. Let it become her mantra. After this she would be alone once more. No more guides. She was ready.

“Good-bye my fair Catelyn.”

The woman’s eyes widened but other than that her face showed no signs of change. Impassive and as cold as the north she had grown up in, “I will not miss you, dear Petyr.”

But he was silent then, unmoving and cold, and she wondered if he had heard her last words at all. When she was sure that he was dead Sansa Stark stood up and then with a calming breath, began to scream, in the most calculated of ways.
Tags: a song of ice and fire, fic, game of thrones, spoilers
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